Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Photos

Thank you to Sherry Davis, who reminded me that the picture of her and Mary Karlik I was so sure I had, I did.

It's a cell phone photo, so it looks like newsprint. But otherwise it's a great shot:

Here's one of Sherry and Julie Mensch, previously mentioned. I stole this from Sherry's blog, but she offered it to me, so I think it's okay:

And one more of Carrie Weaver and Lisa Mondello, both of whom were in my other post but I just like this shot.

The advantage of camera phones is the fading affect eliminates the shininess of my regular camera. :)

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Typing Slave said...

You can post the one w/Loud Thing in it if you want :). It's not as writing-related, though!