Friday, December 14, 2007



I knew I hadn't posted in a while, but I didn't realize it had been more than a week! I apologize to any die-hard reader who kept checking back here and finding the same lame TT from LAST week. Makes RSS feeds more attractive, I bet.

So what has been keeping me so freakin' busy? Nothing interesting. Editing work. Family stuff. Balancing the checkbook-level chores.

I've finally made some holiday progress. I mailed my Christmas cards today, and bought some gifts, wrapped them, and got them ready to ship. Ordered some things online. We don't have a tree yet, which is weird--it's really late for us. But the weather's been so bad, we kept putting it off (plus we still had all the dining room stuff in the living room until last weekend, when we got the new rug). Still don't know when we'll get it. They're all wet right now. We'll probably get one tomorrow and set it up in the carport for a week to dry. *sigh*

Speaking of the weather. It's been weird. Weirder than in 1999, when it was 72 degrees the first weekend in December and we cut down a Christmas tree in our shorts. Well, the tree wasn't in our shorts, we were. Except not me. I was pregnant, and leggings were more comfortable.

Anyway. It has rained every weekend for a couple of months now. I know this because it was always raining when I drove Number Two and her friend to soccer training. It was also raining nearly every Monday night (that's dance class). Last week we had a snow delay. It was nice snow, the light kind that packs perfectly. Great skiing snow. I always notice this, despite the fact that I haven't skied in almost a decade.

Yesterday we had school canceled for an ice storm. Today was warm enough that there was a cascade of ice off the trees in the back yard for about twenty minutes, but then it got cold and windy, and we're supposed to have snow both days this weekend.

None of which is worth complaining about. I just feel like I haven't seen real sun in a long time.

My to-do list is still too long. It has many items I have been putting off for a while, like calling Apple about my frazzled laptop, and calling the vet about the dog's vaccine, and calling our insurance agent...are you noticing a trend? I'm noticing a trend.

Supernatural was new last night, and darned near perfect. The acting was more subdued and natural, like they finally got back into their rhythm. The writing was focused on its usual dual tracks--the hunting evil, and the being brothers. The emotion was more internal, and therefore more impactful. I cried at the end.

I also squirmed a lot! Geez, the torture! Made so much worse by the people doing it. Those two were so natural as the perky, 50s-era grandparent types, even while they were being evil. I love these classic episodes. Sammy getting throttled, Dean hitting the wall. But it was horrible with the little kids watching their loved ones being taken away/killed, and even worse seeing Sam's *shudder* fingernail ripped out.

The lines were great, too. My favorite was the "You fudging touch me and I'll fudging kill you!" Oh, man, I laughed!.

I was delighted they brought back the kid who played Dean in "Something Wicked." He's a talented actor. I could see his brain working the same way I see it in Jensen. He internalized the motivations and the attitude, yet wasn't just copying his older counterpart. He seemed to have really thought about what kind of big brother he'd have been back then.

And how perfect is it that Sam gave him the necklace?

We have another rerun next week. *kicks TV* So let me leave you with this delightful tidbit, found by Vicki:


MaryF said...

BRILLIANT video!!!

I loved the episode, too. I LOVED the open, with the "Special" like they used to have on the networks for the holiday programs, and I LOVED the logo. I loved little Dean.

My ONLY little nitpick was Sam not knowing what was going on. In the pilot, wasn't it, he told Dean, "When I told Dad I was afraid of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45." He said he was six at the time. Sooo....?

And since he bought the amulet for Papa and Uncle Bobby said it was special, IS it special? Does it have power, do you think?

Natalie Damschroder said...

Okay, the "Special" reference triggered my memory. People were talking about the exploding ornament and I didn't remember that! Now I remember how the whole thing looked. Yes, it was brilliant!

I was thinking about that nitpick, too, Mary, and I rationalized it. :) In the pilot, Sam said he was nine, actually, when Dad gave him a .45. The actor is barely 11, and in the film world, that means he was probably playing 8. :)

A friend thinks the amulet is going to be what saves Dean somehow, and I think she might be right. We'll see!

MaryF said...

I think the amulet will save Dean, too.

Good to know I mis-remembered about Sam's age. The Christmas in the show was 1991, which means Sam was 8. He was well-cast, wasn't he?

Natalie Damschroder said...

Ah, good catch! I didn't see the year when I first watched it--I think I was adjusting the volume, and the volume bar was over the wording.

He was well cast! I didn't think so at first, but yeah, as the show went on, he was all Sam.