Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writing in the Summer...and Spoilers after the Line

Today was a really good writing day for me.

I've had trouble getting settled into a summer routine. At least, that was my foggy excuse for not diving into revisions on my book. Turns out, it was pure fear, something I rarely give in to, and which I managed to hide from myself until today, when I had no external obligations to obfuscate things.

My kids started Camp Nana today, and from noon until evening tomorrow I'm blessedly alone (well, except for J, whose ignoring me right now anyway). With a little help from my friends, I broke the fear (easy once I acknowledged it) and plowed through 64 pages. And I'm pretty sure things are improved. I hope. *pushes away the panic*

So here are my goals for this summer:

  • Revise Fight or Flight and send to agent
  • Judge half a dozen contest entries
  • Do something significant for my career at National
  • Revise Hummingbird
  • Write some new stuff.

I'm enjoying the summer now. Today is absolutely gorgeous, and while we're showing signs of needing rain, the sun and breeze and fresh air in the house (instead of A/C) are making me really happy.

Now, for the SPOILER about Supernatural (pretty mild, but if you're avoiding them, stop here).


Originally posted at TV Guide, then commented on by the TV Addict and Ducky, the character of Ruby is completely gone.

First, my positive response to that news:

It pleases me that they were able to write a budget-influenced change into the script in a manner that suits the show. There was no awkwardness or unbelievability in what happened to her character. I'll miss her and what she could bring to the show, but I'm intrigued by the idea of Sam learning his capabilities on his own.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how they handle all those guest stars they're referencing. Supernatural has the BEST guest stars. I mean, that last Lilith? Stellar. And I hate to admit it, but Ellen and Mary aside, this is a show about guys. I like it that way.

My less positive reaction to it:

I, too, am wary of the chick-of-the-week possibilities. I mean, season 1 was kind of like that, and that didn't detract from the show, but now that the world has been established and deepened, some recurrence would be better than none. I'd love to see some past characters back, like Lenore (the good vampire from season 2) and Tamara (the hunter from season 3), and that seems possible under the new structure. But honestly, I could watch nothing but Sam and Dean and be happy.

Okay, the other, bigger spoiler is about the title of the first episode for season 4: "Lazarus Rising," as reported by Watch With Kristin.

Since Lazarus was raised from the dead, I take it to mean Dean will come back immediately. *listens to sigh of relief all over fandom* We were pretty sure that when Kripke said Dean was in Hell for a long time, he meant before the show comes back, but it's nice to hear it (kind of) confirmed.

There are other possible connotations, too, what with Sam being the supposed antichrist and the logical person to be responsible for bringing Dean back and all.

Gail, how many weeks do we have left?


Victoria said...

Yay on your progress and on Camp Nana!
Gah! We have sooo long until new Sam and Dean. At least it feels like it. I'm with you - I could just stare at the boys, with Bobby thrown in occasionally, and be perfectly happy. Though I'd like to see the characters you mentioned brought back as well.
Squee on the season opener title.
I can't wait!!

MaryF said...

YAY on the good writing day. Your summer looks as busy as mine.

I had heard about Ruby being gone for good. She'd kinda grown on me, but yeah, I like just the guys.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Mary, my summer doesn't even come close to being as busy as yours! And I have two kids! I don't know how you do it. :)

I figured Katie Cassidy would be gone, if not Ruby, because Ruby didn't "die," she just got sent far away. The door might still be open for the demon to return, but the body she was in had been shot and stuff, so the actress isn't useable anymore. :)

MaryF said...

Well, you have 2 kids ;) Mine sleeps all morning and is on the computer or gone all night.

I actually have to leave the house today. Thank goodness I met my writing goal already ;)

Natalie Damschroder said...

Number One also sleeps all morning and is on the computer the rest of the day. :) Number Two is a little more unfocused.

Wow, you met your writing goal already?! Impressive!

Good luck on leaving the house. :)

MaryF said...

Yeah, I got up at 6.....

Natalie Damschroder said...

That's just insane!