Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back on Track

Hee. Complain about derailment and then get it all done anyway.

I finished revising my book Hummingbird and sent it off for critique. That was 72 pages.

Then I revised the 41 pages I had written on my untitled WIP, adding 4 new pages in the process, and then wrote 20 more after that. Which put me, at least temporarily, in the lead in our challenge. My competitiveness is appeased, though there are a lot of days left, and I'm up against some pretty prolific people.

Tracy Madison sent me a link to this great post at Libba Bray's blog. I'm ashamed to say I never heard of her, despite her being a New York Times bestseller and all, but I looked her up because she's so funny and found that she does historical paranormal YA. Not exactly on my radar, but I'll get her books for Number One.

Today is not a derailment day, it's a never-expected-to-get-anything-done-anyway day. Bill paying, soccer shopping, running around to schools and getting treats for wonderful husbands who indulge their wives obsessions. Hopefully a good bit of writing in between. I already have one page!

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MaryF said...

WTG, Natalie! I managed to get all my work done as well, and I've already met my goals for today - woot! I may even get out my sewing machine.