Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have entered Stella Cameron's Scarlet Boa contest again. I'm not gonna tell you which entry is mine, 'cause that would be cheating. But I will say I'm very pleased with my positioning. :)

She has a new book out, so check that out while you're there, too. Voting is here.


Fandom Rocks, a group of Supernatural fans who have done some really cool things to raise money for worthy causes, are holding an auction for just that purpose. They've got some fabulous items, like a PILOT script signed by awesome people including Eric Kripke, Kim Manners, Ben Edlund, Sera Gamble, Phil Sgriccia, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki! I mean, that's all the big wigs! Hard to resist that one. The eBay page has more info on the auction that went live August 1. Good luck!

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