Friday, October 02, 2009

So Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is Trendy Now, Huh?

On FlashForward, nearly everyone on the planet saw their future. This was a malicious act, or so it seems, so they're trying to figure out why and how it happened. For Mark, the FBI agent, there's a lot he doesn't want to come true. But his vision provided clues that can help them, so he's investigating his vision. He saw a card that had a name, and assumes that name is important because it was on the board--but it was on the board because he saw the vision. It turns out to be very important, but how much of what he saw isn't? The friendship bracelet, for example, was more symbolic than vital. Then there was the Utah sheriff. She didn't see anything, and a short time later, she's dead. But she's dead because they're investigating the visions. If they hadn't had the visions, they wouldn't have been there, and she wouldn't have been killed.

Episode note: How freaky was that ending? Charlie's statement made me gasp. I'm definitely hooked on this show!

Okay, so that's one. Then we have Dollhouse. Spoilers here for "Epitaph One," only available on the DVD. A little less of the self-fulfilling part, because we know what happens in the future because of "Epitaph One," but the characters don't. Still, Joss has said they know what they're aiming for, so they can keep it in mind as they get there. I don't like the inevitability of that. It's nice to see Claire and Boyd displaying an attraction and knowing it will become much more, but horrible to know it turns Whiskey into a mindless doll again. I find a post-apocalyptic battle much more interesting than how we got to the apocalypse. But only for this show. :)

Supernatural is exploring the idea of destiny in a different way than FlashForward is. We know they can change the future even when it's foreseen, because they've done it. Mostly on a small scale, until last night, when Dean made the decision we all knew was coming.

Oh, wow. I just remembered something. I'm reading a book that's not due to come out until next year, and this destiny thing is an element in that. I almost stole one of the author's concepts to explore the whole "we always end up here" thing! Sorry, T!!!!

Anyway. Zachariah and Future!Dean told Now!Dean there was only one thing he could do to prevent the future--say yes to hosting Michael. But Lucifer believed that because of who Now!Dean is, he wouldn't do that, and he wouldn't kill Sam, which meant the outcome was inevitable. None of them recognized the real variable, but then, none of them are fans of this show. You only have to be a casual watcher to know the whole world hinges on Sam and Dean's partnership. So the bottom line is that even though we've seen a future, and even though Castiel told Dean at the end of "In the Beginning" that all roads lead to the same result, we don't believe it. Everything that happens next can surprise us, because that future, with the release of the Croatoan virus, is not inevitable.

Might as well talk about some other elements of last night's show, right?

How can Future!Dean seem hotter than Now!Dean? I was actually in the minority on the Buddy TV poll, but he totally was. Future!Dean was bigger (a matter of perspective due to the way they shot/spliced the scenes) and his Army jacket fit him more closely. He was the same color as the background, whereas Now!Dean was different, partly the blue jacket, I'm sure, but partly lighting and such to differentiate him from the future. Future!Dean was also more intense, which is inevitable given what he'd been through. I'm not saying I want Future!Dean to come to pass, but boy, he was yummy while he lasted. :)

Jensen was incredible doing the two roles and being SO different, in SUCH subtle ways. I know we all say this all the time, but man, he's an amazing actor. The poor guy, doing double duty for this ep when Jard got another free pass!

Jared did well with the little bit he had, though. He was a little too smarmy, I think, but he channeled Mark Pellegrino's way of speaking enough to see Lucifer behind the shell. I'll be quite happy to have real!Sam back, though.

Then we have Misha. I think he's having a helluva lot of fun with his acting freedom. Cas is still deadpan and intense, but he's loosened up a little bit, and I loved his lines in the opening scene, his hint of panic that his time was running out, his implacability at having to wait. And, of course, an entirely new Cas in the future that still held hints of the old (when he recognized Dean wasn't Dean and why). I can't believe I thought the show was so good before he existed! He's total enhancement, and I'd miss him if he was gone too much.

Okay, that's enough rambling. I do have work to do today, much as I want to make it a long weekend. :(

Happy Friday, everyone!


Shannon Stacey said...

I'm having some issues with Flash Foward.




So, the boy recognized Olivia when he came into the hospital, so one assumes he saw her in his FF.

But in Olivia's FF, she's in sexy mode with boy's dad. One assumes the boy wasn't there.

The daughter recognizes the boy, therefore he had to be in her FF. She also knows that bad guy, so we assume he has her in the FF. If the daughter knows the boy, the bad guy must have had the boy, too.

So how does the boy know Olivia?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's a really good question. Part of the answer might relate to the fact that we've only seen a few seconds of Olivia's FF, out of 2:17 minutes.

But other possibilities include:

1. The writers screwed up, though that seems unlikely given how tight the rest of the writing was.

2. Kids responded differently to the stimulus.

3. There are different possible futures.

I didn't think of 3 until just now, but it seems likely to me, given what we saw of John Cho in the previews for future eps (re: his wedding/fiance, etc.)

Hmmmmm. This just got trippier!

Shannon Stacey said...

Hmm...if #3 is true, there really aren't any rules.

*clutches head*

I like Lost, but I'm starting to tire of "puzzle" shows, I think. I just want to kick back and watch. I think Flash Forward's going to end up being like Fringe: my husband insists on watching, so I surf the 'net or write and pretend to pay attention.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I want #3 or something like it just because I don't want John Cho to die! And I also think the show is well done and I hate when they are, and then something doesn't mesh right. It's inevitable, I suppose, but...

I'm definitely not tired of "puzzle" shows. I used to suffer severe crime-drama fatigue, and have slowly added them to my TV watching--Numb3rs because it was a unique concept, Fringe because it was JJ Abrams (and I don't find it all that compelling, to be honest--good, but not must-watch TV for me; I also think they've backed way off the "puzzle" part, at least through the part of last season I'm up to), Castle because it's Nathan Fillion, The Mentalist again because of its conceit. And I'm suffering from crime-drama fatigue again and finding myself more disappointed with them than not.

So I'm happy to have FF, something that makes me think!