Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Stuff

Carina Press has made its first acquisitions! Congratulations to Shannon Stacey and Charlene Teglia! I'm especially excited about more Stacey books that aren't historicals. :)

Aside: When Carina announced itself, an author made mention of them and said they were going to publish erotica. When I commented that they say they're acquiring all kinds of books, she said she thought that was obfuscation. So I'm pretty smug that at least one of the launch titles isn't erotic. :) (Correct me if I'm wrong, Shannon! You didn't call it that, anyway.)

I'm so despondent that we have soooo many more weeks without Supernatural. I'm clinging hard to shows that are still on—Bones and Fringe tonight, and I think How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory are still new next week. But Glee is done (what an awesome show last night—Matthew Morrison is just incredible) until friggin' APRIL, and FlashForward and V until March...I just don't get the way the networks are handling television nowadays.

I'm not done with Full Fusion, the YA book I started for NaNo, but it's flowing very nicely, I know where I'm going with it, and I should finish it next week, as long as I don't let it get buried under the other obligations of December.

Nowadays, we have to take pleasure in small things. Our littlest cat, called BG most of the time because her official name is Baby Girl but Bad Girl suits her better, has a problem with cystitis. She's been on Cosequin for a while, but got inflamed again a few weeks ago, bad enough to bleed and be in the litter box every two minutes. I started mixing the meds with wet food as well as her dry food, and that worked for a little while—she was ingesting more of it—but it didn't last.

So I made some drastic changes, things I really should have done before, but for some reason it didn't occur to me to, and the doctor didn't mention them. I've tried using urinary health treats, but she didn't like them, and originally, I was more concerned with keeping the cats' weight down.

Well, that's not working, so I switched their dry food to a urinary health formula. I spotted "special diet" canned food for urinary health and am using that. I bought (on the advice of my friend Kim, animalloverextraordinaire) a pet fountain. She doesn't drink out of it. She still goes for the dog dish, but since the dog doesn't want to walk on the tile (still has a head tilt and falls all over the place when walking on anything but carpet) and the fountain is within reach of the carpet so she drinks out of the fountain...I'll get rid of the dog dish.

But the biggest change was the cat litter. I used to use Arm & Hammer fragrance-free, but they discontinued that, so I started using Tidy Cat Multi-Cat for Small Spaces. Frisbee has tolerance issues (as in, she won't tolerate something she doesn't like) so I've always been wary of changing cat litter. But I saw that Scoop Away now has a fragrance-free litter (or at least, my store is now carrying it) and I switched to that.

Not only is BG currently doing fine, urinarily, this Scoop Away is so much better than Tidy Cat! OMG, you guys! I can walk through my living room without having pieces of litter stuck to my socks! This stuff doesn't track! Or at least, not past the one-foot radius of the box, and even then, it's minimal. AND it actually does what it says it does, and the clumps stay together, which means I'll have to clean out the entire box less often, and I can't even explain how happy that makes me.

Okay, yes, my pathetic life is full of paper towel rants and cat litter raves. But like I said, it's the little things!


Angela James said...

You are going to have reason to be even more smug in the next week, as we make and announce follow-up acquistions. Only one of them is erotic romance :P

Shannon Stacey said...

Thanks, Natalie! And nope, no erotic romance here. A few love scenes, but merely in the steamy realm.

And I use Arm & Hammer Super Scoop. I've tried changing a few times, but cat pee all over everything I own cured me of that.

And I HATE Fringe. Sorry, had to say that. My husband loves it, so I'm forced to watch it.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I use Arm and Hammer too but have used Scoop Away when I have a coupon. I can't wait for Bone's Christmas show tonight and a new Mentalist.
I've been kind of watching Carina and wondering if I might shop my latest fantasy series there.
Keep at your new book.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Awesome, Angela! I love gloating. LOL Thanks for coming by!

Shannon, thanks for confirming. :) I guess I'll finally read you in e-book! I totally understand about not changing litter.

I don't love Fringe, but I do love Walter and Peter. And Astrid. I wouldn't miss it if it was gone, but I enjoy it while it's here.

Yes, Sue, me, too! Bones! And Mentalist, though I might not watch that right away.

Lori Kruza said...

Did your vet put your dog on Meclizine which is basically a type of Dramamine for dogs? It really worked for Tyler.
I think I just watched the last Castle until after the holidays and the ep was awesome!!! See you soon!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

No, he just recommended Benadryl, which had similar effects. It calmed her and offset the motion sickness. She's finally mostly okay now. Her head tilt is gone. She still can't walk on the non-carpeted floors, but that's an aftereffect, there's no real reason for it! LOL

I'm in Nathan Fillion withdrawal. I read the Richard Castle book and have been watching Firefly again. :)