Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ah, Delusion

So I just took part in this Office Feng Shui class. I've always been too daunted by the scope of Feng Shui to explore it, but this was a basic, focused class, and it gave me some ideas. The biggest was the concept that physical congestion (e.g. clutter) can cause non-physical congestion. Things have been very slow and boggy for me for a while, and I figured hey, what can it hurt? So I decided I'd declutter my office.

It didn't seem that big a deal at first. I mean, sure, it wasn't going to be quick and easy. But I have a haphazard, hodge-podgy collection of "passion symbols"—posters, figurines, trading cards, puzzles, games, you name it—and some of the passions have run their course. Plus, I've been planning for a while to clean out my file cabinets. I had a vague idea I'd get it all done in one day, and I scheduled next Wednesday for it.

When a job is big and non-urgent, I can avoid it forever. But once I decide it has to be done, the need to do it builds in me and distracts from anything else I try to do. So I started the cleaning out today, just planned to get as far as I could. I started in the closet. Ruthlessness dominates. Some stuff is a no-brainer, but I'm getting rid of a lot of things that sentiment, practicality, or that "this would be great for something" feeling that never results in finding what it would be great for have filled up my closet.

Here's what resulted:

1. Two 30-gallon trash bags full to bursting.

2. Half a bag of clothes to be donated.

3. The immediate need to clean out my upstairs closet so I can stuff clothes into it that I don't fit right now but that I want to keep, and that are currently draped across my bed.

4. A trunk full of cardboard to be taken to the recycling bin.

5. A honking big monitor to take to the Computer Ministry.

6. A closet that is now less than half cleaned out.

Let me repeat that last part. Two hours of work cleaned out less than half a closet.

That's a little discouraging. Thinking I could do this in one day or even one week? Totally delusional.

J and I went to see Legion tonight. Pretty good movie. Small in scope, despite the huge concept. Lacked motivation—no one ever asked why this particular baby, never mind explained it—but good acting can go a long way. The creep factor and the horror elements weren't overwhelming. It was mainly a study of what people do under certain catalysts. Of course, the focus was on Michael, the angel played by Paul Bettany, and he was tremendous. No surprise there.

I've also watched Life Unexpected this weekend. Spruce from "Ghostfacers" has a recurring role. All the reviews compare LU to the old WB shows, especially Gilmore Girls, and it had that vibe, though of course not the snap. I think I'll like it. It will at least get me to watch a couple more episodes. I needed something that "felt" like this on my viewing list.

Speaking of guest stars who were originally on shows I was obsessed with passionate about...Sean Maher was on The Mentalist this week. Simon from Firefly. Gosh, I've missed him. Oooh, I just looked him up, and he's going to be on Human Target this week! Double dose! There was a scene where SPOILER ALERT he was all covered up except his eyes, and we weren't supposed to know which secondary character he was, but I could tell immediately by his eyes. Jane knew him by his body language and syntax, and of course the voice was distinctive, but I knew him by the eyes before he'd said a word. Yes, I'm very proud.

That same episode had the sheriff from the "Yellow Fever" episode of Supernatural.

Okay, Number Two is ready for bed, so I'll stop there. Wish me luck with the Fenging this week!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I always save the 'Tackle the Closet' feelings for summer. Now the kids are older I force them to do their own while I stand over them with a trash bag held open.
I love The Mentalist. The Team is so much fun.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I only get this way about once year, as far as doing a whole room like this. LOL

I love Rigsby and Van Pelt, especially--but I'm worried about the actor who plays Rigsby. He suddenly got very, very thin. Reminds me of Matthew Perry when he was addicted to painkillers.

vickyb said...

Still, a half a closet is more than you had yesterday - I'm impressed. :)

I'm doing the same thing thanks to the feng shui class - but need to focus like you did. I'm going about it too haphazardly.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Haphazard can work--it's all about the end result, right? :)

Ava Quinn said...

Feng that Shui, girl!