Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Various and Sundry

Breaking Daylight is out now. Buy it. While you're there, check out What She Deserves, which is still at number 10! Woo hoo!

Also get Kismet, The Keepers of Sulbreth, and hey, toss a Switch in there, too (just came out last week). Gotta mix it up, keep the brain fresh and stimulated. Among other things. :)

I'm sick to my stomach at the loss of Wes Welker. (For the majority of you, who have no idea what I'm talking about: Football. :) ) Reports are likely ACL and MCL tears (for some of you who don't get sports medical lingo: that's knee injury, surgery required usually, 9-month recovery period). So the Patriots made the playoffs, but without Wes, the most exciting player on the field. *sob* That's not just bittersweet, it's sour.

Good service:

I don't remember if I mentioned this before. Number Two's Kindle didn't work. Couldn't connect to power source, wouldn't turn on. Called Amazon on Christmas Day. She had a replacement three days later. Excellent service.

Okay service:

I had a bank problem. I sent a check for $10.00 to someone, but it came through my account as $16.06. They told me they deposited it as $10.00, so I contacted the bank. They looked at the crappy scanned image of the check, and luckily didn't give me a hard time about the zeroes. The last one got cut off, or was light and didn't image well, but the rest were obviously zeroes, not to mention the "Ten and no/100" written out. The CSR on the line was very helpful and it didn't take long to "fix." Except that it will take 10 days for them to correct the error and give me my money back, and it took me for-freakin'-ever to get a live person on the line. I couldn't get anywhere without entering my "User ID." I NEVER call the bank. I do everything online. So my user ID is one I changed. After hanging up and starting over three times because I kept getting stuck in a corner, and entering anything I could think of, it FINALLY told me the "User ID" is your Social Security number. Well just SAY that, then! Gawd.

2010 is shaping up to be no different, so far, from 2009. I'm working my butt off, but I'm still behind. Last night I found two corrupted files—massive manuscripts I was editing for a client. I managed to repair them and only lost 66 pages of proofing, which I had to input again, but I still had the hard copy. And I had to fix a few comments that went wonky, but that wasn't a problem. Still, redoing the work meant I didn't finish the job I was going to finish, nor did I get back to my own book (did do some work on it, though!).

I got a lot done this morning, but now I have to shower and finish laundry and take Number One's computer in for repair (FINALLY, I'm such a bad mom) and pick up stuff for Number Two and The Dad, and when I get back Number Two will be home and we'll have to Wii Fit for a while, and then I have to input the 47 pages of line edits I did this morning that are very intense and will likely take a couple of hours, which means I may not get back to my book at all today.


Where's the extra two and a half hours per day I ordered for Christmas? Huh? Who got it?

I need to go take this up with Santa.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Natalie!

Yeah, I could use those hours myself. Too bad I like sleep.

vickyb said...

I certainly didn't get the hours.

Sorry to hear about the football. And I know you enough to know you'll get this all done, and more. But if I find the person who got those hours, I'll let you know. ;)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You can ask for more hours in the day for Christmas? I didn't know.
Sounds like you have your ducks lined up though and not all scattered on the pond like mine are.

Shannon Stacey said...

Wes. *sob*

I knew when he was trying to hide his tears in a towel, it was much worse than a tweak.

I cried all over my Welker jersey.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yeah, MJ, and I'm already cutting into that! Again! LOL

Thanks, Bicky, but I think those hours are gone for good.

You can ASK, Susan, but apparently you can't get. LOL

*clutches Shannon* I KNOW! It broke my heart. He makes me want to hug him up, anyway (perspective gives me the impression that he's smaller than me and therefore cuddlable), and he made me sob, too.

Hey, BTW, I dreamed DG all night. WTG! LOL

Shannon Stacey said...

If you could dream a DG plot, that would be great! :)

I saw footage of Welker signing and he didn't look very big. I know he's smaller than the rest of the guys, but...they're football players. *g* They always call him "little", though. (I'm sure he appreciates that ever so much.)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Unfortunately, while it was a very vivid dream with Carmen and Gallagher and the woods/mountains, I didn't retain much. Sorry. :)

I love when they do a wide shot with Welker surrounded by teammates. He looks TINY compared to those behemoths! I think he's about my husband's height, which is still taller than me!

I listen to the Patriots Football Weekly podcast, and they interviewed him and Cassel last year, and got a sound bite of him going "nahce little play-yar" and it's adorable. LOL