Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day Madness

Phone call at 5:30 this morning. School canceled. Not just a delay! I was surprised, because the actuality had flagrantly defied the forecast. When I got up at 8, I snapped this photo:

People kept telling me bad things were expected, so I figured more was to come, and it was very windy. I mean, not windy enough to close school IMO, but buses do have a high profile and some undoubtedly go out into unsheltered farmy-type areas, so the wind would be blowing yesterday's 1/4-inch dusting across the road.

But my husband told me the roads all the way to work were dry, and he passes through a lot of unsheltered farmy-type areas. We've had flurries, sunshine, and what they call "snow showers" when it comes down faster than flurries, but doesn't stick. But nothing worth closing over.

I don't cast any blame, however. (I know, can you believe it?!) A news report I read talked about the horrible blizzard the Northeast got. Twenty or more inches of snow, furious winds that caused massive fires, tens of thousands of people without power. Even 20 inches of snow here in PA! The PA Turnpike was closed for 60 miles due to a 10-car/tractor trailer pileup. A friend down in York, about 30, 40 miles away, sent me a list of the active 911 calls this morning, with a dozen accidents. She said the plow never came to do her parking lot. We didn't even need to clear off the car! Turn on the wipers and the back defroster, and voila!

This has been an exceedingly weird winter.

So I tried to work this morning. Morning became "entire day." I got some vital e-mails taken care of, confirmed the tax refund came so I could order oil, and was heading into "actual work" territory when Number Two wanted to play Rock Band. I couldn't say no, of course. And then it was lunchtime, and then when I came to work more Number One finished researching her computer and we needed to do additional research and shopping to make everything work. So that took a couple of hours of the day, but it's ordered, and she's very happy even though it won't come until mid April. Gah. Then I had to get Number Two ready to go watch basketball playoffs with her grandfather and father.

I'm still in my jammies.

In my defense, Number One and I were going to go to the club after Number Two left, but she lost her iPod and the idea didn't appeal to her at all, so she went out jogging instead. I'm going to do some Wii Fitting and take a shower. Then I'll try to force myself not to call it a day.

*sigh* Snow days.

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Susan Kelley said...

Hey we didn't get much snow either but the drifts were around a foot deep and most of the roads around here were one lane or less. They plowed our neighborhood after lunch time.
I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting any writing done but I'll try to make up for it tomorrow.