Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watch Kitty

I’m sitting in the dining room, working.  It’s evening, so of course there’s a lot of traffic on the street, people getting home from work, going out to dinner, etc.  Frisbee is our watch cat. She doesn’t cry for every car that goes down the street, but she does alert us when the neighbors are home, and we can tell a difference when she cries because one of us is home.

A few minutes ago, she was cryyyying and cryyyying and cryyyyyying, and even though she just (finally!) had her nails trimmed, I wondered if she’d gotten herself stuck in the screen again.  Nope.  Our neighbor was stopped right in front of our house, waiting for her husband to pull out of their driveway, and Frisbee didn’t seem too happy about the limbo—car running, person inside, no sign of them coming up to the house.

*break for chauffeur duties*

This has been a pretty quiet winter for me.  We used to have two dance classes a week, plus indoor soccer or winter training.  Number Two usually had an after school club once a week.  But they both quit dance when it interfered with soccer, and this winter Number One’s team’s age group got canceled last minute, and Number Two needed to rest her Osgood-Schlatter.

But it’s about to gear up again. Number One is on paint crew for the high school musical.  They lost more than a week due to snow and the make-up day, so they’re probably going to be stretching out their sessions. Soccer open gym starts next week, and it’s at a different school. So she’ll get home at 3:21 and need to be at open gym at 3:30, until 5:30, then go straight to paint crew, which starts at 5:30 and usually goes until well after 8. Homework and dinner will be after that. She usually goes to bed at 9ish!

Also, Number Two’s after school clubs will be coming back. It remains to be seen if she’ll do one, but if she does, it will mean picking her up in the afternoon, probably around the same time her sister will need to go to open gym.  I may just force Number One to walk between schools. They’re not far, and it certainly won’t kill her. :)

Oh, before I forget AGAIN, SciFi Chick/s is doing the Supernatural March Madness again.  I think this is the  third year, and she’s running preliminaries right now.  It’s always so hard to pick favorites!  Go check it out.


Susan Kelley said...

Ah those hectic days when the kids need to be in different places at the same time. I only have to run one around anymore and don't miss trying to work all that scheduling magic at all.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Whenever it feels hectic, I think of you and my other friends with more than two kids, and wonder how the hell you ever did it! And stayed sane! :)

Susan Kelley said...

Who said anything about retaining sanity? But really my theory is one child doesn't really change your life but if you have two you may as well have ten because your life as you've known it is over. But aren't they so dear.
My oldest son who happens to teach at my school send a district wide email about my booksigning last week. Wasn't that sweet.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I dunno, one child really did change my life. But I can't say if it would have been much easier with just her, because she was only 3 when #2 was born.

Awww, that is incredibly sweet! You sound like you've got great kids. :)