Thursday, June 17, 2010

This and That

I can't shut off the day-job copyeditor part of me when I read anything, and a couple of things have popped up lately that really disappoint me.

You don't hyphenate adverbs and adjectives, like "excellently-done."

When someone says "my skin regiment," I think they have a zombie army. It's regimen.

On the other side of things, a huge thank-you to Shannon Stacey for using "you've got another think coming" correctly! :)

Number One and I saw The A-Team recently. We both LOVED it. She, of course, had no frame of reference for it, and while I have fond memories of loving the TV show, it was too long ago for me to actually remember a lot of details. So we just both thought it was awesome.

I've lost patience with certain reviewers, though, who apply the same complaints to every single action movie no matter what it is, and it's been completely false in many instances. I really dislike Michael Bay-type action movies, the ones full of destruction for destruction's sake. In fact, it was my biggest complaint about The Dark Knight. Long, extended chase sequences bore the heck out of me, and are usually replacements for true plot and relationship substance.

But the complaint did not in any way apply to Iron Man 2 (though other complaints did), which had like three fight scenes that were rather short. And it only barely applied to The A-Team. The thing about TAT's action sequences is that they were clever, and I love cleverness. You had to watch carefully to see how it all fit together, to try to predict what was going to happen next, rather than zone out while explosions follow flying parts follow punches and falls. And I thought they did an admirable job developing character. Sure, we didn't know much about any of them beyond the scope of teh movie's plot, but we don't NEED to know more.

Anyway, great movie, go see it. Oh, and yes, Bradley Cooper's abs are as advertised. And stay through the credits! You really don't want to miss the end thing.

My husband had his identity stolen recently, by someone vying for "stupidest criminal on the planet." So far, we've found out about a Target card they tried to open (thwarted because Target is SMART and called my husband to verify), and a Verizon Wireless account. We know about the Verizon account because the confirmation of opening the account and the first bill came here, to our house.

What kind of half-a**** identity thief uses the correct mailing address? Does he not know or care that he'll get about a week's use of the phones before they get canceled? AND the phones could be used to trace him? He probably spent more time setting up the accounts than total minutes he got to use.

I was in a cyclical funk on Tuesday, one of those hormonally driven slides into "everything sucks and me worst of all." I've got to remember, next month when it happens again, that the best cure is getting out of the house. As soon as the kids and I left for the City Islanders game--first round of the US Open Cup--my mood lifted.

It was an incredible game. The Islanders have only one win all season, and we missed it, being out of town. And last year they went deep into Cup play, beating two MLS teams before losing to DC United. Amazingly, they managed to tie it 2-2 before winning in overtime 4-2. We were in shock! But so excited to be able to hear "Apache," their victory song, on the way out of the stadium.

The only bad thing about the game was that overtime took us into Mayfly Massacre territory. Near the end of regulation play, they started descending from the lights and flying around us, occasionally alighting. It got worse during the first 15-minute overtime period. While Number One and I were in the bathroom between overtimes, Number Two came rushing in, as if the stands had been attacked. And they had! The bleachers were COVERED--literally!--with dead and dying mayflies. We stood at the rail for the rest of the game, doing the mayfly dance. Waving them away, shaking them off our clothes...I had a loose shirt on with a scoop neck, and I swear, half a dozen got into my bra (and back out again, luckily). It was horrible.

But so worth it! Regular game on Saturday, round two of the Cup on Tuesday, and we're dragging Nana along for her first non-grandchild soccer game. It's gonna be epic!


Ava Quinn said...

Sounds like lots of fun all around. And you most definitely do not suck. Next time email me and we'll try to de-suck each other. (hmmm, that sounds mildly offensive, so it fits right in with me.) (Double hmmm, de-suck isn't a hyphenated adverb, just a made up thing. Hopefully no red pen action needed for that!)

Victoria said...

LOL, Ava, you crack me up.
But I agree, Nat, you do not suck!
Boo on all of the bad stuff! But it sounds like there's some good stuff in there, too!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL No, no red pen.

Thanks for the offer, I'll remember next time! :)

And thanks both of you for trying to shore me up! :)

Cindy Procter-King said...

Whenever I read "another thing coming," my head swivels like Linda Blair's. I used "another think" in a manuscript once, and several contest judges changed it to "another thing." The think stuck.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

YES, perfect description! LOL