Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Summer's Obsession

I didn't think I'd have one this year!

J and I started watching Dr. Who, but with his new job and long hours, we could only watch a couple of episodes a night. So I started watching Torchwood. And WHOA.

Christopher Eccleston struck me as kind of goofy in the beginning, but he quickly grew on me and I loved his intensity. The fake huge smile sometimes grated, but I loved him and hated to lose him at the end of season 1.

I'd caught glimpses of David Tennant's Doctor, and thought he might be a little too goofy/geeky, but man, was I wrong. I didn't need the growth period, I loved him from episode 1.

Then season 2 came to an end, and I wasn't sure I'd be thrilled with Rose's replacement, but I love Martha a million times more than Rose! She's smarter, and more firmly brave. I HATE that she only got one season.

I had a little bit of difficulty figuring out the broadcast timeline for Dr. Who and Torchwood, but didn't think it would matter much. Then Torchwood season 1 ended, and I had to figure it out. I decided I'd plow ahead with season 2, but then Martha showed up, and I convinced J to let me fly with Dr. Who season 3, so I could catch up and keep everything in the order it was supposed to be in.

Now I'm done with DW season 3 and found out Donna is the companion in season 4, and I really hated her in the Christmas special between 2 and 3, so I'm not thrilled. I'm also sad to be losing David Tennant, but assume the new Doctor will grow on me, too.

Random thoughts on the two shows:

1. I love that heroines on these shows are not perfect, physically speaking. Rose had that caveman jaw, and Gwen has the gap in her teeth, and while Martha's gorgeous, she's hippy (which is NOT a criticism). Tosh is the exception, being absolutely gorgeous.

2. I am a complete hypocrite, because I love that the guys are all hot, from The Doctor to Captain Jack to Ianto and Owen and even Captain John.

3. Is there anything hotter than the Doctor and Jack striding along the street/devastated planet/spaceship corridor with those awesome coats?! Much more so together. Mm. Not enough of those episodes.

4. THE FACE OF BOE!!!!!!

5. I want more man-kissing, darn it.

6. I'm a little tired of Cybermen and Daleks, and I know more are coming. *sigh* The storylines accompanying them are creative and well written, but the creatures themselves weigh their episodes down.

I'm very sad that I only have 7 episodes of Torchwood left and two seasons of Dr. Who. I'm also sad that it took me so long to start watching, but the flip side of that is having them all to devour at once during the TV desert of summer.

Of course, this summer is actually not so much a desert. I have 2 episodes each of Royal Pains, Leverage, and Hot in Cleveland on the DVR, as well as 3 or 4 episodes of The Good Guys, which I may end up not watching but want to because I like Todd Stashwick. Eureka and White Collar are back soon, and I'm going to give Haven, Covert Affairs, and Rubicon a try. Geez, it's almost like the regular season!

I should cut way back on TV. I start a new job in two weeks, and my day will be something like this:

8:00 to 1:30 Work (or get ready for work, drive to work, drive from work)
1:30 to 9:00ish Family and Freelance Work (activities, meals, editing)
9:00ish to bed Fiction Writing

See? No time for TV.

I guess the best thing to do is DVR it all and watch on the weekends, but I suspect I will always be behind, especially when fall starts. Also, plunging in to Dr. Who and Torchwood is keeping me from watching all of Supernatural, beginning to end, like I've done every summer.

Another reason to cut back on TV? Books! Number Two finally handed over The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan) and Only the Good Spy Young arrived today, so I'm reading them simultaneously. Infinity came in from the library, too. I stopped reading the Dark-Hunters books when Nick went bad, because it broke my heart too much, but this book is The Nick Chronicles, so I had to check it out. To top it off, I'll be getting Sizzling Sixteen (Evanovich) on Friday. Last year my FIL and SIL and I all bought Finger Lickin' Fifteen, so I figure it's okay that we share this year's release. :) That's on top of the books on my Kindle and bookshelf! Every time I finish a book, it's an agony of indecision picking the next one. It often ends up being the most recent arrival, which means stuff I've really been looking forward to gets older and older.

*sigh* I really just need to live a life of leisure. But don't we all? :)

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