Thursday, December 30, 2010

Globetrotting Apocalyptic Year End

Last night we used one of our family Christmas presents, tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. They're something I remember fondly from my childhood, though I've never actually seen them live until now. Seems like that's something worth having on your bucket list. Now I can cross it off mine! :)

I got scolded for cheering for the Washington Generals. I always feel bad for the straight guys. The star player happened to grow up here, which was an added element, but really, the audience brought as much humor as the players. A short round guy got drawn on to the court to dance, and he threw himself into it, and on the floor, and rolled around, and tried to breakdance. One woman was given a wristband, and the player talked her into giving a kiss on the cheek. Then he said "I have two cheeks." And she said "I have two arms." So she got another wristband.

A little kid got a chance to shoot baskets (the player pretended he was his son), and they brought him closer and closer, saying "can you make it from here?" When he said yes, they turned him around to face the far basket and told him to shoot. He stared at it for a second, then took off dribbling and almost made it before the player caught him. :)

The bust-a-gut part, though, was Big G. He's the mascot's big brother, and it's a guy in an inflatable suit. He could flip over in it and stuff, and make it look like he was doing great stunts like balancing on one hand. They put on Chumbawumba and every time they sang "I get knocked down" he went flat on his face, THUNK. It was sudden and hard and straight and cracked me up half a dozen times in a row. Really, I cackled!

So. Great show if you're ever considering attending. I'd much rather watch them play basketball than watch a real team. Especially when they played Globetrotter Football. :)
My post-apocalyptic story is taking shape. I have a hero, thanks to that clip I posted yesterday, and a heroine, and a main premise. The hard part will be worldbuilding and explaining the history in a dynamic way, with an economy of words. The novella is only to be 30,000 words, and my post-apoc world isn't typical, so I have to explain why. Too much exposition will kill the submission.

Now if I could just find time to start it!
I've started transitioning spreadsheets and stuff for the new year, squeezing in a few more business expenses, planning for 2011 as far as goals and progress.

I didn't track my weight or exercise in 2010, because 2009 was too discouraging. I was quite shocked to get on the scale this week and find I'm at the exact same weight I was at the end of last year, maybe even down a couple of pounds. So now I'm kind of inspired to try reducing it a little, which means tracking weekly weigh-ins.

Exercise, on the other hand, didn't fare so well from lack of attention. I kept it up through June, but when I sprained my ankle in July, it dropped. I tried to pick it up after it healed, but the job really interfered. My wasted muscles are disgusting me now, but I'm struggling to figure out how to get it back into my schedule. I'm kind of resigned to getting up half an hour earlier, because otherwise, I just don't think it's going to happen. We'll see if I can make it work.

This weekend I'll finally break down 2010 and see if I can set some reasonable goals for 2011. In the meantime, let's get on with the New Year Celebration!


MJFredrick said...

Yay on the post-apoc! But yes, I was talking about world-building with the dh and it could easily be full-length. I need to be careful here. Good luck!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love those globetrotters. I saw them once when I was a teenager. They're so great with the little kids.

Boquinha said...

Omigosh! We were at the same show! I hadn't been to a Globe Trotter show in about 30 years. We had such a nice time. I couldn't believe how little has changed! Same gags -- confetti bucket, calling out to audience members and announcing that they're going to the bathroom (#3! A Combo! Hahahaha!) . . . awesome.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's so funny, B! Yeah, "a combo" was excellent. LOL And bringing towels to the people who got wet but drying their cups and the wall instead of the people.