Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random Update

Today, I was determined to catch up on blog reading between plays and during commercials for the football game. The problem is that I can’t just read recent posts. I have to read everything I’ve missed. Since it’s been a month, and some of the bloggers I read post every day, it’s taking a while. Like, three hours and I’m still on the fifth one. But it’s very cozy here on my bed with the football and the snuggy-that’s-so-much-softer-and-warmer-than-a-snuggy that was a present from Number Two.

Reading these pre-holiday posts just hit me hard with “I can’t believe the holidays are over.” They were great. I say “they” even though New Year’s hasn’t arrived yet, because my birthday was in there, and that’s a big holiday in our house. All birthdays are.

We had a very entertainment-oriented Christmas. I couldn’t wait to get home from the in-laws so I could spend my Amazon gift cards, watch my The A-Team DVD, and play Wii. We sang Glee Karaoke and tried out Rock Band 3 and the keyboard so far. There are about 5 other games to be tried out. Also, iTunes gift cards to be spent. The biggest gifts were Number Two’s phone (that she’s disappointingly blasé about) and Number One’s Fathead. She was very eager to get the 6-foot-five figure of Peyton Hillis on her wall. Oh, and my new espresso machine is excellent, too. I’ll work very hard not to break this one.

I had a great visit with my brother and sister-in-law and nephew, enjoyed having five days off work (though it went way too fast), and am very sad it’s all over.

I had Twitter open while I watched the game. Apparently, humongous amounts of snow are being dumped very close to me, but not actually here. That’s sad.

It’s now 8 hours after I started this post/reading blogs and I’m tired. Caught up! But tired. I’ll write more tomorrow!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

It's tough to try and catch up on blogs once you fall behind. I'm wishing we had some of that snow but since my oldest is traveling tomorrow and another one has a job for an interview in the morning and another one is working overnight and coming home in the early hours, I guess no snow is for the best.(How is a mother supposed to sleep)
Have fun at work tomorrow. Hehehe

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yeah, I guess. *heavy sigh*

And thanks. :P