Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book History

Last night, I had some time. I know, right?! I'd finished Shattered Glass, had no client work pending, had made huge progress on a friend's project, finished the CSS registration, and had a couple of hours before meeting a friend for a movie. So I decided to pull out my master book history spreadsheet and update it.

YIKES. I hadn't updated it in years! It was really interesting to see my accomplishments all in one place. And transfer all the rejections I hadn't logged for each title. But also the sales! Those are always fun. :)

So here are my stats. I've written 22 complete books and 28 short stories and novellas. I also have 3 completed partials (3 chapters and a synopsis of books that I may or may not ever finish) and 7 "started" books. Those include my first book (which I aborted and split the idea into 3 books, only one of which got completed), 2 sequels that will never be completed, 2 sequels that will be eventually, and two new books that I just haven't had time to get back to.

Of all of those, I have had 13 of the novels published or contracted, and self-published one. 24 of the shorts have been published. Not too shabby. :)

Now I have to update my master character sheet. I'm five titles behind! Though by now some crossover, especially in the secondary characters, is inevitable, it's still nice to be able to check it and say "hey, I'd better change the heroine's name because..."

I started writing this at 7ish last night. I had to do some auction coordination and other promotional stuff, and kept going back and forth between things, so I didn't finished until ten after 8, and there's no way I'd get that character sheet done in 20 minutes! So I had to add it to the to-do list. It's of no benefit if it's incomplete, right? (Even if I haven't looked at it in *mumble* years.)

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