Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reasons to be Gleeful on Wednesday

1. I'm home!
After a stressful week two weeks ago, I'd wanted to take an extra day off. Wednesday is my least busy day at work, so my boss let me take today off, just to catch up on stuff. So I didn't have to get up and get ready for work, and my day is mine to do with as I please! The best part is that I'm home tomorrow, too!

2. Things are Going Well
I got up early anyway, because I couldn't sleep. So I ended up putting a novel draft into a binder so I can work on edits when I'm away from the computer, and I FINALLY OH MY GOD cleaned out my supplies cubby. For YEARS it's just been a mess of things tossed into it. Oh, I had organizers. They were kind of stacked on top of each other, under and on top of the mess. I pulled everything out and sorted it all, trashing trash and separating clips by type and putting all paper goods in one tray and so on. I had to go to the store to get a shelf so I could maximize the space, and then I had to take some tools to the shelf so I could force it to fit, but everything is in there!

I wish I had a before picture, but here's the after:

I also set up my blog post for Everybody Needs a Little Romance on Friday, and visited some other cool blogs, and did some RWA stuff. As soon as I'm done with this, it will be time to eat lunch and then on to the WRITING! I'm determined to finish Shattered Glass today. Then tonight I'm going to a movie with a friend.

3. The Plan is Working
I've written every day for six days in a row. That hasn't happened since the beginning of September! And now I have momentum, and I won't let anything interfere with it as long as I can. :) 

4. The Whole Shebang has launched.
Misty Simon and Vicky Burkholder have started a new blog to celebrate creativity of all kinds. They'll feature novels in The Library, art in The Gallery, and music in The Jukebox. They've already got an amazing lineup of guests scheduled and have started some of their regular columns. Go check it out! I know you'll want to subscribe. :)

5. Under the Moon was a Daily Deal.
Okay, that happened two weeks ago. But it went to number 1 in three different categories and up to 54 on the Kindle Top 100 list. I was above JK Rowling. Briefly. :) The book's ranking is still good, and the hoped-for aftereffects are trickling in. I had three Authorgraph requests this week, on Amazon there were four fantastic new reviews for the book, and the number of shelves that Heavy Metal, the sequel, is on are growing. Plenty of reasons to be excited!

5. More Things are About to Happen
That's not a tease. I have no reason to believe it's a true statement. But sometimes, when things are going well, it creates a sense of optimistic anticipation that, if I'm lucky, will open up a flood of great new events.

What are your reasons to be gleeful this Wednesday?

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