Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not Your Average Day of News

Let me know when the bombardment's over
I came home yesterday to a positive barrage of news. Some so incredibly good, some so incredibly bad, and some just mind-boggling.

Number Two is very into tennis, so first I got hit with the rundown of retirements and upsets. She'd started the day with her favorite player getting injured and having to retire, so that bummed her out. It got worse when Federer went down and freed up the path that would have been John's.

While I watched that suprising win over Federer with her, I browsed my Twitter feed. OMGYay, DOMA defeated! Prop 8 dismissed! Fantastic!

Aaron Hernandez arrested. Patriots release Aaron Hernandez. Then, a short time later, Aaron Hernandez charged with murder.

Somewhere in the middle, shocking in its timing and its (fan-related) connection to home, was the concurrent arrest of Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Ausar Walcott for murder and immediate release by his team. In this house, we are a fairly equal blend of New England Patriots fans and Cleveland Browns fans. As far as the teams go, Walcott (undrafted rookie who hasn't done anything yet) is obviously a much lesser impact on his team than Hernandez (star tight end with $40 million contract). But murder charges in the NFL? Two on the same day, and both of them for our teams? Kind of freaky.

So then I come on down to my computer to get to work and I learn of a woman being outed for plagiarizing. She claims she hired a ghostwriter and didn't know that person stole the work. Her bio claimed *she* was a ghostwriter who got such unheralded acclaim she decided to publish her own book. But then once discovered, she said she can't write.


Did I miss anything else? What other news stories made your eyes pop yesterday?


Boquinha said...

I was GLUED to the news yesterday. I cheered out loud and cried when I read the breaking news about DOMA (and immediately wrote a very quick blog post to celebrate). I've also been following the news about Nelson Mandela and reading up on him and his remarkably eventful life.

I also spent the past week in Lititz where my daughter attended a week-long writer's camp (she ate it up!). I went to Aaron's bookstore every day and bought books every day, too. :P I saw Vicky Burkholder's books on the shelf under "local authors", so I asked if she was from Lititz and learned that indeed she is AND she works there, too! Of course the one afternoon she was working, I had a commitment, so I wasn't able to visit her. But I did have the thought that if she can go to the writer's group from Lititz, I have no excuse.

Mark and I wrote a book (romance, no less!) together for NaNoWriMo in 2011 and we want to really do something with it. It's good (in our humble opinion)! :)

GREAT news day yesterday. I know I'm in the minority here in conservative small (minded) town, PA, but I am THRILLED.

Boquinha said...

. . . books on the shelf under "local authors," so I asked if she was . . .

Had to correct the comma placement. Grammar nerd. :P

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Nelson Mandela! I knew there was another one. His condition was announced before yesterday, so I wasn't thinking of it. But yeah, he was still all over the news.

You SHOULD do something with that book! And join CPRW. ;)

So cool about Aaron's and your daughter's enjoyment of the writer's workshop. My oldest is off to Emerson College in 2 months to major in writing. Scary! LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Boquinha said...

More serious about getting there than I've been in a long time. I think Mark and I may both join, since we're writing this stuff together!

Emerson! That's a great writing school. Congratulations!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Excellent! :)

And thank you!