Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Camp Nana and Wedding Crashers

Camp Nana is the greatest thing ever invented.

Every week during the summer, my mother-in-law picks up my kids at summer camp/day care on Tuesdays, and keeps them through Wednesday evening. They swim and do the Hershey Library summer program, and other cool things. And Jim and I get a date night once a week, all summer.

Camp Nana was delayed this year, by our vacation, my father-in-law's heart attack, and my mother-in-law's work schedule. But it finally started today, and for our first date night, this is what we did:

1. Worked late
2. Ate meals we prepared (or bought) individually, in separate rooms
3. Listened independently to tapes 3 (Jim) and 7 (me) of Harry Potter on the way to the theater
4. Watched Wedding Crashers
5. Repeated step 3
6. Went to separate computers in separate rooms, him to play City of Heroes, me to blog

We have an awesome marriage.

Anyway, Wedding Crashers. We both like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, so I always planned to see this. And then I found out Bradley Cooper was in it, and I had to see it. I told Jim it was supposed to be a throwback to the raunchy movies like Animal House. He expressed surprise that I wanted to see it, as Animal House is not my kind of movie.

I said, "I'm so ready to see a movie where they can say f**k and make boobie jokes."

That was three days ago. He's still goggling at me.

But seriously, I'm tired of PG-13. I was ready for grown-up humor. Never mind the fact that this version of "grown-up" humor is as juvenile as it gets. It was hilarious. I cracked up. Vince Vaughn deserves an Oscar for delivery, and his chemistry with Owen Wilson was electric.

The story was both clich├ęd and well done. The acting was good--love the rare Christopher Walken character who's not freaky--and the ending satisfying. Jane Seymour was wonderful as a randy Mom. Bradley Cooper has cemented his place on my Passions list, as I really hated his character.

My only complaint was the cameo, which I'm going to spoil right now. If you don't want to know who the great Chaz-who-came-up-with-the-crash-weddings-to-get-girls-concept, stop reading.

I never liked Will Farrell, and he almost ruined the movie for me. He's not just over the top, he's somewhere around Jupiter. He's gross and annoying and so out of place in this film, yes, a film where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are classy, even as they make boobie jokes and get shot in the ass.

All in all, though, a very satisfying evening.

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