Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I'm revising a book for about the third or fourth time. I wrote it targeting Bombshell (one revision on initial creation), then rewrote it as a single title (full revision, then read-through). It was rejected by the agent to whom I submitted it, but revisions were suggested so I did those. Now I'm doing the final read-through to make sure those revisions flow and are consistent.

And oh, lord, the typos.

I pride myself on clean copy. When I proof my galleys, I tend to find only a couple of errors, and usually they're not typographical. So I'm mortified at feel instead of fell, and the extra "the" and way too many more.

"So what?" you say. You're proofing now. No one saw those.

Yeah, you'd think. But no, these errors all seem to be in text that existed in the very initial form of the manuscript. No WONDER it keeps getting rejected!


Ciar Cullen said...

Whoa, this sounds very familiar. Targeting HQN, got a request to rewrite for single title length, waiting to hear. Hmnnn. I have my suspicions, but I bet you hear first LOL And I had lots of typos in there and refuse to look at it again. Because I'd rather get sand up my nostrils by sticking my head down into it than read that !@#$%^^ book again! Sigh. Good luck.

Natalie Damschroder said...

You make me feel better, Ciar. :) I guess we're all the same--no matter how many times we look at the words, when we go back, something's wrong.