Friday, May 26, 2006

Lost in a Different Kind of Way

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a tease. At the time I posted those big red letters, I was absolutely certain that everyone in my blogosphere would have been watching Lost and would know exactly what I was talking about.

But now reason has returned, and I realize that probably wasn't the case. And I didn't post again right away, which is highly annoying.


If you are a Lost fan and watched the season finale and have any level of interest in my thoughts, you can keep reading, and I encourage you to post--I don't have nearly enough people in my life to talk about this with.

If you are none of the above, you probably want to stop here, unless the way I connect words, combined with my passion and occasional wit, compels you to keep reading. As I'm sure it must.

Oh, wait! Everyone read this, it's very self-deprecating and funny. And features Jim, who just adores being the center of attention on my blog.

Lost was starting, and he said something about, "Oh, great, two hours of your chatter" or something, he wouldn't use the word chatter, but it was along those lines. And I insisted I wasn't going to say a word. He tried to bet me, and that if I talked I had to bring up his laundry (and trust me, that's a penance that would keep me working all night). I wouldn't take the bet, not because I didn't have confidence in myself, but because there was no corresponding prize on my end besides smugness. And I could have that anyway.

The first minute of the recording is the commercials before the show starts. Then we have about 30 seconds of recap, that this time segued perfectly into new footage. So we're probably about 17 seconds into the new episode when...

"Oooh, Sayid without a shirt."

Yeah. I lasted 17 seconds. But that was okay, because really, at the time I made the assertion, I didn't know they would be showing something THAT shocking and surprising.

And then Sawyer took off his shirt, which is more amazing, but not surprising. He does that as often as possible. :)

Okay, now on to the show.

I don't know where to start. Man, so much happened. I'll just comment as thoughts come back to me.

Claire and Charlie! I couldn't believe she kissed him, but it was a great way to end that portion of the show. Finally, maybe we'll have Good Charlie back again.

I can't believe Claire would even CONSIDER injecting her child with that unknown vaccine. They've been on the island "60, 65 days" according to Locke, and NO ONE HAS GOTTEN SICK. Doesn't that debunk the whole sickness fear? Though they didn't show her actually using it, so maybe she wouldn't/won't/didn't.

Love Desmond. More Desmond, please, more more more. He's a great character, so complex and appealing. I have a feeling he's one of the more noble characters, as far as his past goes. Maybe not, maybe he's more like Lincoln on Prison Break (guilty of all kinds of things except the one he's in jail for). But you all know I'm a sucker for a good love story, and it appears Lost may ride on one!

Drove me nuts wondering how we knew Pen, until I realized, YESTERDAY, that she recently played Charlie's old flame on Numb3rs . So I have to watch the show again without that distraction.

Libby gave Desmond the boat. (Who's David?)
Desmond saw Penny at the stadium where he also met Jack.
Kelvin rescued Desmond from the beach and was also one of Sayid's handlers way back when he was embarking on his "tortuous" journey.
Who was Kelvin's partner? Have we seen him before?

Total tangent: Connections are one of my favorite parts of the show, which is why I'm very interested in the new show Six Degrees this fall. :)

Let's see...when Michael and Walt left in the boat, I expected him to get out to sea, steer on a bearing of 325, look up...

And be staring at the island.

Jack and Kate and Sawyer! What will happen with them! They can't be considered "good" ones, so why haven't they killed them? Unless they are so resourceful and determined they want them to join their group.

Desmond and Locke and Eko? What became of them when the EMP went off? I know they're not dead, they just can't be. Three of their most intriguing characters, all at once? No way.

Speculation: The pneumatic tubes. Was there ever a direct purpose, or was it always going out into nothing? I didn't see any signs of a building or anything ever being there. And if none of those carriers ever went BACK to The Pearl, how did they get new carriers? How much of the Dharma Initiative was experiment, how much was real, how recently did it "end," did it ever really end, where is Dharma now?

People keep asking how Danielle never encountered the Others in her 16 years on the island, but I think they are very crafty and made it very important that she not find them. She also has a healthy superstition and respect for certain barriers, so maybe she hasn't ventured far enough or banished her fear enough to stray across their paths. It's easier to avoid one person than it is to avoid 42 plus a dozen. Or maybe it's something else entirely and it will be another shocker when we discover it.

So, Desmond took down the plane! If that is electromagnetism, where does it get discharged to when they push the button? Why can't they set up a mechanism to do it automatically if they had the technology to create it in the first place (because I don't profess to be any kind of an expert, but you can't have electromagnetism without applying electricity to a magnet, so it had to be done deliberately)? EMPs usually affect technology but not humanity (or so I learned from movies like Ocean's Eleven {g}), so everyone should be okay after the "blast" but why wasn't the boat's engine killed, a la War of the Worlds?

What thoughts/questions/ideas are spinning through YOUR head?


MaryF said...

We're certain we haven't seen the end of Michael. So Henry Gale is the leader of the others? Why did he get captured? Who were the guys at the very end who called Penny?

I also had the thought of who David might be connected to. I'm so intrigued by WHY they're making these connections.

Only my dh and ds watch the show - NO ONE at work does. What is wrong with them???

Typing Slave said...

>>Who was Kelvin's partner? Have we seen him before?

See brown spot on ceiling.

>>Jack and Kate and Sawyer! What will happen with them!

They are sick of having no tv and being deprived of their soaps so they imported their own love triangle.

>>Why can't they set up a mechanism to do it automatically if they had the technology to create it in the first place

DH got the impression it was automated, and the incident occurred, and that's why they decided to have it human operated, and that the "fail safe" releases the build-up and returns it to an automated format. But then DH might have been desperate to say ANYHING that would get me to shut up.

He also thinks there was some original hoobang that catapaulted the island into a pocket dimension that can only be detected by people in snowy places when there's a pulse. And then he asked where Dark Angel was, because he'd like to see HER ripping off her shirt and swimming out to a drifting sailboat.

Oh, and don't you think all those notebook pages will make GREAT toilet paper when the Dharma Wipe runs out?

As for me, I was not as impressed, esp. not with the Penny/Penelope/wife of Odysseus ending. Dunno why, perhaps because I nursed most of the time we watched and the pain, she prejudiced me.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Mary, I read something in the Entertainment Weekly article from the week before the finale (I just read it now) that makes me think he's a honcho, but not THE honcho. Not HIM.

Jody, you're too funny. Love the soap opera thing! PERFECT.

Becka said...

Ooo... You know, I never put together that Kelvin was in Sayid's background!! But now that you say it, I remember it. Freaky.

It's obvious with so many connections that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for it to all be a coincedence. I have read some pretty wacky theories online from the LOSTaways being cryogenically frozen and awoken on the beach with implanted memories of a crash (which would mean who knows what year the story is actually taking place) to the every 108 minutes was due to a satellite that just so happened to revolve around the Earth every 108 minutes, and the pressing of the button was to let the satellite know they were still there.

Of course, with the whole EMP thing, I doubt this theory is correct. But remember the supply drop? That happened the last time they hemmed and hawed over pushing the button. Where did that come from??

I believe there is more to the plane crash than meets the eye. I don't believe it was ordinary people on an ordinary plane in an "extraordinary" crash. There are TOO many coincedences. Just too dang many!

Personally, I think Claire is Jack's dad's illegitimate daughter. Why? Because when Ana Lucia and Jack's dad went to confront the Australian woman about his daughter, it just kind of clicked for me. She's young, she's Aussie and it kind of makes sense in a way.

It's just too much. I think EVERYTHING that is happening on that island is a Dharma experiment. The Others, the crash, the EMP, everything.

There's even a theory out there that nothing is left on the Earth BUT the island, meaning they ARE safe in a snowglobe as one of them said. Kind of like they are really the last people alive from WWIII and if they try to escape, they can't, because like in the Truman Show, there is a barrier that keeps pushing them back to the island.

Also, I believe Michael will now go back to the LOSTaway's beach and get more people to save Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Why wouldn't he? It's not a big boat, but he could stuff it full. And don't forget Sayid. He'll save the day. :P


Natalie Damschroder said...

Becka, I admit I didn't know where I saw Kelvin before--I got it from the crazy-obsessed fans. I, of course, am only obsessed, not crazy. :)

I think you're right about Claire being Jack's half-sister. A lot of people thought the woman on the porch was her, except that she wasn't pregnant, and then in a closer shot she clearly wasn't.

In the podcast, Damon Lindlehof and Carlton Cuse said where season 1 was about the crash and adapting to that, and season 2 was about the mythology of the island, season 3 will focus more heavily on the relationships. Which makes me happy!