Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's a HOLY CRAP night all the way

First, Alias.

Didn't blow me away the way Chad Darnell said it would. But Sloane killing Nadia accidentally was a surprise. I was more interested in the glow of the Rambaldi symbol on page 47 right before he yanked it from the fire. But I knew he had to go evil again--fully evil, not justifiably motivated by the love of his daughter. He's gonna die.

So then Rene gets killed, and that was a bummer. I'd just been thinking how much I liked her, and how I wished they'd do another season because Tom is just growing on me, and Rene is cool, and I want Will back one episode wasn't enough how can they do that to me.


Holy crap.

Lost. Didn't see it coming. Not a whit. Loved that Ana Lucia got herself a piece of Sawyer, Mr. Lounging Like a Playgirl Model (not that I know what a Playgirl model would look like). But oooohhhhhh, Michael! How could you kill Ana Lucia!

I guess now we know why it was no big deal for Michelle Rodriguez to turn herself in for a jail sentence.

So I'm sitting there with my mouth hanging open, going "Holy F***ing Crap" over and over, and Libby walks in to see Michael with the gun--and then SHE gets blown away!

And Michael shoots himself in the arm!

Anyone who believes Michael is not acting under the instructions of the Others, please stand up. Now go away. You're not worthy of the show.

It's obvious he's under orders or something. Walt's being threatened, or they told him they'd let him go or something, if he tells this really fake story about what the Others' camp is like and who is there, and does whatever he has to do. I thought something was odd about the way he launched right into his "I found them" tale as soon as he woke up. And given what we've seen and heard in past shows, I knew his story was off. But I thought maybe they'd misled him.

They say "she's dead" in the previews, so maybe Libby can make it. Maybe the blanket deflects the bullets enough that her vital organs aren't too damaged or something. Poor Hurley.

Oh, speaking of shocking shows. My TiVo went on the fritz and didn't record Prison Break, and since Fox is still The Big Screw-Up Network and is not associated with iTunes, I can't get the May 1 episode. Anyone who has it recorded and would be willing to send it to me, please let me know. I'll pay for the tape and shipping, of course.

And now, a moment of silence for the four deaths and the impending end of the TV season...


Typing Slave said...

As Hurley might say...."Dude, don't drink and drive! It can kill ya."


Natalie Damschroder said...

So you watched it! Yay! We'll talk tomorrow night

MaryF said...

I really liked Rene, too.

I'm not usually one to try to figure out Lost, because that takes some of the fun from it for me (mostly since I'm usually wrong ;) ) but I thought Michael was setting Henry up, that Jack wasn't all that enthusiastic about a war with the others, and if Michael makes Jack think Henry did all this, or that the others came to get Henry and did all this, that Jack will be ready for payback.

Natalie Damschroder said...

That's an excellent theory, Mary. I pooh pooh a lot of them, but I buy that one.

MaryF said...

Thanks, Natalie! You're so good at this, I feel like an amateur.

Last night's was good, but next week looks GREAT!!!

MaryF said...

Oh, CRIMINEY! Next week is my chapter meeting - during ALIAS!!!!! AHHHH!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Thanks, Natalie! You're so good at this, I feel like an amateur.

Pffft. But thanks. :)

I'm so glad Sark's back, but I was disappointed that because his name was in the opening credits, I was waiting for him the whole time and wasn't surprised to see him. I like the impact of the surprise.

Oh, CRIMINEY! Next week is my chapter meeting - during ALIAS!!!!! AHHHH!!

Oh, NO! Triple recording! Though if you miss it, you can get it at iTunes for 1.99. That's worth it to me. :)