Thursday, May 25, 2006


More on this in a little while.

Based on this, I'm running a little experiment.

I'm inviting anyone to post the following in the comments. I will buy one book per paycheck and review them here. Promise: I will get through them all, eventually. Warning: I will be totally honest in my review, though not mean.

Okay, what to post:
Your name and/or pseudonym
A ONE LINE description of your book/story.
ONE SENTENCE about why I should read it.
A link to purchase (publisher direct preferred, Amazon is okay as a second choice)

Readyyyyyy...... GO.


Becka said...

OK, I'll bite. Here's my info:

Your name and/or pseudonym ~~

Rebecca Goings

A ONE LINE description of your book/story. ~~

When a hardened ex-sheriff battling demons from his past suddenly falls in love with an innocent young woman, will he finally find his peace, or will he lose her forever?

ONE SENTENCE about why I should read it.

I love historical Westerns, and this story is one of my favorites.

A link to purchase ~~

Have fun with it! :D


Natalie Damschroder said...

THANK YOU, Becka. You saved me from being a total failure. :)

I'll make the purchase and read the book and do the review soon!

Becka said...

Hey, I've got eight more books . . . Keep you set for, oh, about another 16 weeks, right?



Natalie Damschroder said...

LOL--you stinker. I should have offered a limit.

Rest assured, though, if I like it enough, I'll buy more. :)