Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Next Step, Vitamins

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

When I had a day job, plus family responsibilities, plus writing, I routinely got 4-6 hours of sleep a night during the week, and slept really late on the weekends (when I could), and was tired all the time. I hated it.

Being well-rested is supposed to be one of the benefits of being home this summer. I've gotten 8 hours of sleep or more almost every night. But last night I was so tired I went to bed at 9:00. And when I got up at 7:30, I was still tired. Even after my shower.

So I need to do two things: Eat better, and start taking vitamins.

I'm off to have popcorn and ice cream salad for dinner.


Anonymous said...

So, if you are looking to start taking vitamins checkout http://eward1.qhealthbeauty.com. I don't think there is any popcorn or icecream flavored on though.

Trish said...

I hear you on the vitamins and the eating better, I'm working on the same things myself.

I've added more sleep to my list, too though. I'm getting about six hours which just isn't cutting it.

But add walking to your regime. I've found that if I walk every day it keeps my mind mentally sharp-- which means better creativity.

Becka said...

There are two ironies in being sleepy.

One is, if you get TOO much sleep, then you will be groggy and sleepy all day. Where is the logic in THIS?!? There's such a thing as too much sleep??

The other one is if you sit around and be lazy all day, you'll be more tired than if you exersized. Uhm... does that seem right to you? :P

Good luck with the vitameatavegemins. :)


Karmela said...

Don't forget to do something physical too -- walk around the block, climb stairs, DANCE! Even if it's just in your living room.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Is that first comment spam? If so, they're getting more clever. If not, thank you for the suggestion, anonymous. :)

Theresa, Becka, and Karm, you embarrass me. Of COURSE exercise would make a huge difference. And I'm very sedentary (though the cleaning should help, I'm not walking two blocks to the PO every day). It was always part of my plan to add walking and weight training every day to my schedule, and somehow, it disappeared.

Maybe 'cause I hate it so much?

Will do, and thanks!

Typing Slave said...

Why can't you use popcorn as croutons on your salad?

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