Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm so amused at myself.

I'm writing (4.9 pages so far today) but I'm writing a school board meeting scene and I wanted some agenda items to mention. (This is the kind of research I do--as little as possible, where and when I need it.)

Anyway, I'm reading my local school board's summary from the March meeting ('cause my scene is set around March-ish), and it lists some approved appointments, including new girls soccer coach and assistant soccer coach at the middle school.

Now, my oldest won't be able to play for nearly two years, because PIAA soccer only allows seventh graders to play, not sixth, and it's a spring sport in the schools. But I'm curious anyway. So I started Googling these guys, looking at some couple's wedding pictures because one of the coaches was in the wedding (I think--they had soccer pictures, too, so it's probably him) and weeding out the assistant coach from links to an industrial realtor in California and a family tree in the UK.

Next thing I know, it's been twenty minutes of sidetracking, for no good reason. They might not even be her coaches, two years from now.

Do you get the impression I'm trying to avoid writing this book?

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