Monday, June 12, 2006

The Sun, She Is Too Bright

I have a serious problem.

I was writing by the pool today--I know, true hardship, right?

But seriously. I was doing revisions on my laptop. The sun was mostly out, so it was too bright to go without sunglasses.

But I couldn't see the screen with my sunglasses on. I bumped the Zoom up to 200% and squinted at the screen, and got 47 pages revised, which is probably half of what I could have done if I'd worn a hat.

But did I wear a hat?


If I wear a hat, the sun won't lighten my horrible uncolor hair.

Serious problem.


Becka said...

You just got HAIL and now you have SUMMER SUN?

Where the heck do you live, woman?? Oregon?



Becka said...

I swear to God, Natalie, I just read your "Passions" page on your website...

I think we were separated at birth. :P

Football? Avidly watch the Superbowl every year. Don't have a favorite *team*, but I do love to shout at the TV at least once a year. :)

Smallville: Watched it for a bit and it is a great show! DH and I got out of the habit after Chloe "died" in the explosion, but we've been talking about buying the DVD seasons, if only for Lex. He MAKES the show. And we all HATE Lana. Gah, somebody punch her! And if I have to hear her whining in the barn one more time . . .

Firefly/Serenity: Original Browncoat right here, baby. Watched the TV show from Day One. Even have signed pics from Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, AND Morena Baccarin. Nate's says: "Jim and Rebecca, Stay Shiny". :D We have personally recruited ALL of our friends, and we are talking about buying another set of the DVD's so we can have a dedicated copy at home and a loaner copy. Because our Firefly DVD's are always loaned out.

The movie did RAWK, and I worship Joss Whedon even more than I did before for listening to the fans and making the movie.

Alias: DH and I watched avidly through the third season, but stopped on the fourth. The Rambaldi thing seemed to stretch on and on and we couldn't suspend our disbelief that Sloane would actually be running things. Perhaps we should at least watch the end of the series.

LOST: Flippin' sweet. Need I say more?

Harry Potter: While not as obsessed as you, I do so love the movies. Have yet to read the books, tho. Just don't have time to read anymore. Ironic, I know.

LOTR: OMG, Awesome! Just got our oldest daughter into it. We watched the first two movies last weekend and watched the last one just this past weekend. She LOVED it. Now, our SEVEN year old is tackling the books. Hey, she wanted to read them, and we ain't gonna stop her! :D

Orli: Yup, he's the hotness. And so is Johnny Depp for that matter. I love Johnny unkempt a la Capt. Jack Sparrow, OR clean cut as in Finding Neverland. Let's just face it, the man is HOT.

And personally, I love Orli as a blond. He was uber hotness as Legolas. Dear God.

I *don't* know your hottie bassist, tho.

And Pirates was pretty much one of the. Best. Movies. Evar. DH and I are drooling over the next movie to come! Did you know they closed down the Pirates ride at Disneyland because they added a Capt. Jack Sparrow animatronic??

I know, I know.




Typing Slave said...

What about a visor? You can get one that says "Shiny", I'm sure.

Jody W.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I live in Pennsylvania, Becka, and it's quite amusing--they start school the last week of August here instead of after Labor Day, like it was when I grew up in Massacusetts. They say it's because it's too hot in June, but so far, it's been a lot more mild than it is in August!

So funny about the passions! You obviously have excellent taste. :)

Jody, my kids said a visor, too, and they said they won't mind if I look dorky with all my hair hanging out over the top of it. We'll see. LOL