Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Delicious Dream

I had the most delicious dream this morning.

I was me, but not the "me" I am today. I was crushing on Joaquin Phoenix, who apparently liked me, too. It was a problem because once I was sure there was a real spark between us, I realized Jody might like him. She'd posted a bunch of pictures of him on her blog, pictures she'd taken. So we were in some kind of building that I keep thinking was a grocery store, but but was supposed to be a school or something. Jody and I were sitting on a giant square cushion in the middle of the deli aisle. Joaquin was sitting behind me. His chest was very warm. He leaned over my shoulder to kiss me, and THEN I asked Jody silently if it was okay, if she was into him. She luckily made a "no way" face.

Then Joaquin demonstrated a new cooking technique that made perfect bacon, which was like getting a company to purchase his invention. Then he went out to play hockey and saved the game, which was odd because it was outdoors, but I was very proud.

Then the dream got weird. One of my relatives, I think, was getting married. Joaquin had a baby, and the woman he had the baby with was all excited because they were going to get married, too, as a surprise for the attendees. Joaquin didn't really seem to be on board with this, judging by how he was acting with me.

He brought his baby to see me, he was the size of a Baby!Winchester (see Plastic!Winchester Theater) and a cross between that and a Troll doll. When I tried to tickle his stomach, it was plastic. But he waved and smiled at me.

So anyway, then I was doing dishes for the wedding because a lot of the serving platters and stuff were dirty, which pissed off the mother of the surprise bride, and I needed something to do that kept me involved so I knew what was going on. I was in a tiny bathroom doing the dishes and Joaquin came in with me saying we should talk. I think he was going to tell me he wasn't getting married--it WAS my dream after all--but right after he told me how Dan Radcliffe had been at the hospital taking care of his new baby, whose mother was nowhere to be found, and what a great dad Dan was being, my alarm went off.

I have no doubt if I'd had 15 more minutes to sleep, I would have been marrying Joaquin Phoenix.

I blame Erica.


Erica Orloff said...


You know I am SO crushing on his after that movie. But I will step aside, because you know the true love of my life is Anthony Bourdain--and I have blogged about that, too!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I loved him after The Village, and Ladder 49, and Walk the Line. It fades until I see him act again. He's so good.

MJFredrick said...


What a funny dream! LOL on the Baby!Winchester.

Sorry you're iced in. I hope you thaw soon!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Isn't it funny how we insert things from life into our dreams?

I'm thinking we might be dug out for tomorrow. The kids have a two-hour delay already, though. I hope it doesn't become a full day off. If it does, they're home until TUESDAY, and there goes my month's goals!