Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Key

I think I've figured out the key to Daybreak.

Not the moment when the sun emerges over the horizon, silly, the cool ABC TV series!

I watched the latest episode online last night. I don't want to get too spoilery for those who might still be a few eps behind, but we know that Hopper can change the day, change what happens. And not just the things he can directly affect, but other people.

He did it with Andrea, who stopped ending up with her boyfriend dead and started putting him in rehab, instead. He did it with his sister, who confided in him the horror they were going through and cut that horror short.

Now he is doing it with Rida, only this time it's not for the better.

I thought at first it happened when he told someone what was happening to him (the day repeating), but he did that with Rida right away, and it changed nothing. I think it's when he opens up to someone. He is much closer to Andrea now, and he was there for his sister for the first time, and acknowledging it, not just arguing about his distance.

He opened up to Rida last night, in a way, but not in a healthy way. It was logical and I couldn't blame him a all (in fact, I was annoyed by her reaction, but I've been seeing how stuff has worn Hopper down; she hasn't). Given that, and her secret, I'm thinking his relationship with Rida might not end so happily.

I think there are only two eps left, so we'll find out soon!

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