Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Best Friend, NOT CHARLIE, and Snow Snobbery

MaryF is my new best friend! She sent me this:

She sent this, too, which is almost as awesome, despite the presence of the drama queen:

I had a feeling these high-quality, suitable-for-framing posters were what she was sending me (though I wasn't expecting TWO!), so I dug through six inches of ice to get my car out and go to the post office today. SO GLAD I did. Aren't they GORGEOUS?

Thank you, Mary!

I have one thing to say to the producers of LOST:


There will be severe consequences if you do.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts. We had enough snow days each year that we often didn't get out of school until the last week of June. We moved to mid-upstate New York for my senior year, and I spent my learning-permit period driving through the Berkshires. So while I have a healthy respect for snow, I also have a healthy belief in my ability to drive in it.

Central Pennsylvania makes me insane. Usually, when an inch is possibly forecast, it's all over the news, announced in Dramatic Tones of Doom. People race out to buy milk and bread because they...actually, I don't know why. Even the worst storm we've had here in the last 15 years, we were all dug out in a day or two.

Winters are erratic, and generally more mild than what I'm used to. Schools tend to cancel or announce a delay with a knee-jerk reaction. Friends fret that if flurries are forecast, we might have to cancel meetings and get-togethers. Since we're in a storm path that is difficult to predict, which means whatever is forecast is unlikely to happen, I tend to laugh at the pre-panic.

That makes me very much a snow snob. And I will admit I'm obnoxious about it.

But I also realized today that I'm inconsistent in my obnoxiousness.

Ice storm? Not going to keep me from driving to Baltimore for a flight to Dallas on my brother's birthday/first anniversary of our mother's death.

Twelve inches of snow covering the roads, leaving only ruts for the tires? I'm still driving to work, for which I was paid hourly, despite the 40-mile drive and my little Honda Civic hatchback, hardly a monster in snow.

But a little snow melt/refreeze? Not worth hazarding for dance class. Not gonna do the grocery store, either. And the books the library is holding won't make me deal with the frozen slush.

Even Scott Westerfeld is no Supernatural poster.


MJFredrick said...


The dh got them at his TV station. And your pictures of them are way better than my pictures of them.

I got Gilmore Girls, too, but I didn't think you'd want that one ;)

MJFredrick said...

Oh, forgot to ask - when we were talking about Lost on eHQ, didn't someone say Charlie was the only character who was safe?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I figured that's how you got them. And how WONDERFUL that you shared them with ME! I'm still giddy., thank you, would have been polite if you'd sent it, but never watched that show. :)

Yes, way back in season 1 when they started killing people, they did say in an article that Charlie was the one person who was safe, because of the LOTR fandom he brought to the show. But things have changed in two seasons, so I'm not sure that still applies.

Trish Milburn said...

LOL! You and I got the same package, and we both blogged about it.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I thought you probably did, Trish! :) That's great! I haven't seen your blog post yet. I'll go read it.