Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4 (and Final)

Figures just as I get started on this, it ends. The "owner" of Thursday Thirteen is retiring it. The code is off the site. I could go back and grab it from my own previous posts, but that would be kind of cheesy. She said, "a list of thirteen things is just a list of thirteen things, but Thursday Thirteen is no more." Unless she trademarked it, I don't think she can stop us from using it as a blog title. But without the community, what's the point?

So anyway, I decided to make this final Thursday Thirteen...

Thirteen Things I Was Going to Blog About for Thursday Thirteen

1. 13 Random Songs on my iPod

2. First 13 Books On My To-Be-Read Pile

3. 13 Reasons I Love Harry Potter

4. 13 Movies I'm Looking Forward To In 2007

5. 13 Things I've Done to Succeed As A Writer

6. 13 Things I Do When I'm Supposed To Be Writing

7. 13 People I Admire

8. 13 Things In My Office

9. 13 Places I've Lived (and when, and why)

10. Top 13 Improvements I'd Like To Make In This House

11. Favorite 13 Foods

12. 13 Reasons Not To Listen To The Weather Forecasters

13. 13 Comments From Rejecting Editors and Agents (which would have dated over 13 years)

Eh. Maybe I'm not so good at this, and it's a good thing it's going away. LOL


Misty said...

I'm sad I'll miss out on all those great 13s :(

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Don't be sad--I'll probably end up doing something like them anyway. :)

Karmela said...

1. 13 Random Songs on my iPod

I for one would like to see this list. Perhaps Natalie, you might amend it to: "13 Embarassing Songs on my iPod." I'll start.

1. Girl You Know It's True (by Milli Vanilla). Although you know, this DID win a Grammy.

2. Stars Are Blind (by Paris Hilton)

3. Theme song to the Price Is Right (it came with my download of the "Date Movie" soundtrack)

4. Candy (by Mandy Moore)

Hmmmm...more to come since I don't have my iPod with me to check.