Saturday, November 10, 2007

Buncha Stuff. With Pictures! And Links.

My last post (way long ago--sorry I've been AWOL) was about the WGA strike. I just deleted a really long post with viewpoints and opinions about it, but so much of it was rehashing stuff I've read elsewhere, I decided to just link you to United Hollywood. That's the true behind-the-scenes look. Yes, it's from the WGA perspective, but it addresses a lot of issues from both sides.

And really, the bottom line is that WGA members' average annual income is $5,000, and most of the CEOs of the companies fighting not to pay them are making billions per year. Each. This is an important issue that has an effect not just on the very, very few "rich" writers and the actors who's union contract is up later in the year, but on all the "smaller" sectors of the business, too. Big picture and long term is important, and not just when you get there.

On a lighter note...

We saw this in the parking lot at Barnes & Noble today:

Imagine the claws on the thing that did that! I think Sam and Dean should come check it out! You know, and protect helpless book-buyers. Like me.


It looks like the dining room project is really going to happen. Unless I want to keep THIS on my wall:

There was a curl of paper at the edge. Jim tore it. A little. Number One said part of it looked like a nose, so he then felt the need to draw on the wall.

Lovely, inn't it?


Umm, let's see, I should do a couple more links.

Lauren Dane has some big news. People have big news all around me! Go congratulate her, if you are so inclined. She deserves it, she's been working hard toward this for a long time.

Also, you should go here and order this book. I read it, and it's awesome. And yes, there is a sequel, so the unresolved elements will be resolved, in time. Something to look forward to! :)

Oh, and one final thing...

The New England Patriots are 9-0, and there is much belief that they will go undefeated for the season, something only done once before, by the 1972 Miami Dolphins (who won 14 regular season games). The coach of that 1972 team, the legendary Don Shula, was asked if the Patriots do it, should there be an asterisk next to them in the record books. He basically said yes.

Look. The Patriots were caught doing something they weren't supposed to do. Something big enough to cause unprecedented punishment. But they're winning now. Does anyone really think they're not under intense scrutiny by the NFL? That they could get away with cheating NOW? Does anyone think Randy Moss is NOT really catching that ball in double coverage, or that Wes Welker is making people miss because of...what, mind control?

Consider this. It is widely discussed how horribly bad the NFL is right now. In fact, I just checked, and out of 32 teams, 20 are .500 or below (meaning they have lost as many or more games than they've won). I don't know how that compares to mid-season in previous years, but it seems pretty bad. And it makes me wonder...

The Patriots aren't winning because they're cheating. And it's unlikely that Indianapolis, Dallas, and Green Bay are, either. It's unlikely that anyone is cheating at all right now.

Which really makes me wonder if that's why so many teams are losing so badly.

So that's pretty much it for me today. Probably more than enough, some of you would say. ;)


Victoria said...

That is a really lovely face on your dining room wall! But yay for remodeling projects! Or maybe that's yay for when they're finally done! LOL

Natalie Damschroder said...

Uh, yeah. B. :)

Lauren Dane said...

Aww! Thanks so much! And fab picture on the wall there, LOL!

Natalie Damschroder said...

You're welcome! :)

LOL about the wall. I can't wait to paint!