Monday, November 26, 2007

What a Weekend!

Welcome Back!

Okay, maybe you've been hanging out here, annoyed that you keep checking and I haven't been posting. I apologize. It's been an extremely busy, very productive four days.

There was the holiday, of course, which was lovely, a quiet day spent with family, full of games and laughter.

There was also football. Number Two is really getting into it, saying things like "they gave him a good lane" and calling the number of a penalized player before the referee does. She even turned on college ball on Saturday! The Browns and the Patriots both won, though the tough time the Eagles gave us was nerve-wracking.

There was, erratically, writing progress. A total of 8,876 words, which is not as much as it should be, but when you hear the rest, you'll understand.

There was leaf-raking. Saturday we raked the entire yard and hauled it out front. So you can have an idea of what that means, here are some photos.

Our neighbor's pile of leaves (the one next to the mailbox is from our side yard; the one on the other side of that is the neighbor's):

And here's our main pile:

I swear, I take pictures every year, but I can't find any of previous years. This pile seems longer than usual, but I have no proof.

So anyway, we did that.

We also did most of the dining room remodeling. We cleared out the room on Friday, primed and painted the first coat on Saturday. I didn't take a picture of our creative failure. We did the light blue at the top, the dark blue at the bottom, and blended in the middle. The blending was great, but the transition to the solid colors we just couldn't make work. So we ended up doing two walls dark, two walls light. Which means messy corners, despite meticulous taping. What can I say, we're not that good at this. We did the second coats yesterday. Today we have to do the window and the ceiling of the kitchen and dining rooms, which includes priming the edges because there's wallpaper paste or something that turned brown around the whole ceiling. Add taping the walls to that, and we're talking a LOT of ladder work. My thighs are already screaming from all the squatting.

After the ceiling, or maybe before, as a procrastination tactic, I will replace the old yucky outlets with pretty new ones, add the face plates, and viola! We won't be done.

We're going to go shopping for a new rug today. Once that's in, we can move the furniture back. Eventually we'll replace the light fixture and buy new curtains for the window. THEN we'll be done, and I shall post photos.

Remember how this project was our big household goal for the year? We're going to make it! Yay, us! Almost makes up for missing nearly every single other goal I set for 2007. Phooey.

How was your weekend?

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