Saturday, November 03, 2007


NaNo Updates:

Day 1 = 4722 words
Day 2 = 755 words
Day 3 = 3200 words

Day 2 was dismal due to a proofing job and prepping to travel, then traveling, and going to bed early. Today was better due to writing during soccer warmups, a mini-retreat at a friend's house, and after dinner/before Bee Movie, so I am exactly on task now.

Goals Updates:

Writing = 213,716 words for the year. Won't make 350,000. Might make 300,000, or just under.

Exercise = 260 days done, need 40 more, no problem. Must up that next year. :(

Weight = gained two back and they don't want to go away again, but the clerk at my favorite café noticed that I'd lost weight. \o/ Not a single other person has.

Books = 89, doubtful I will even reach 100 this year, never mind my increased goal.

House = uncertain. A little more planning underway, so we'll see.

Supernatural Update:

I loved this week's show as much as all of them, though I think my intense passion has settled down a little. I'm thinking more about...not flaws, necessarily, but things that aren't perfectly right. Like, how does Sam keep winding up alone so he can be available to Ruby and stuff? It's not like Dean goes to get gas during the 30 seconds it takes Sam to pack his duffle. Or his nifty new camie backpack. :)

I also can "see" the writers' work more this season. In the first two seasons, it felt more organic, more natural, and we could gather puzzle pieces and start putting them together but the whole picture was still black, we couldn't see what was coming. This season, what's coming seems all too clear, and I feel like we're being shoved in big chunks in that direction, and that the writing is struggling to serve that purpose rather than serve the moment. If that makes any sense.

Not that there's nothing redeeming about it. I loved how they took old elements--vengeful spirit, not-dead spirit, single-episode mystery--and wove a new tale. They kept tropes of the show (research, "you save the girl, I'll go fight the baddie") without making them routine and yawn-inducing. The yelling in the car was awesome, the confrontation at the end even awesomer, because we know both of them are right but we can't help but side with Sam (of course!).

I was a little disappointed with Sandra McCoy's scene. I blame the direction more than the acting. She seemed nervous and at one point I think she forgot her line, or didn't give her response the punch it was supposed to have. I wondered why they used that take. But it's up to the director to make the guest actor at ease and get from them what the character needs. I also thought she was the most obviously "blind" of all the characters on the show who've had the opaque contacts (YED, reaper, crossroads demon) and was glad it didn't last long.

But WHOA. I admit I was shocked that Sam killed her. Not because I thought he shouldn't--the demon deserved it, with the taunting and the evildoing and all. But he didn't seem to care any more about the woman inhabited by the demon. So is that Sam maybe being not!Sam? Or is it the writers already tired of having to worry about that factor when the boys confront demons? Or, conveniently, both?

Next week: Pirates! Yay! Looks that way, anyway.


MaryF said...

I actually liked the crossroads demon. But yeah, also shocked when Sam killed her. My dh has a VERY interesting theory about who holds Dean's soul.....

Natalie Damschroder said...

I guess it's less that I disliked her than she had a lot to live up to, with the previous actresses in that role.

Ooooh, what? What's his theory?? I got nothin!

MaryF said...

You really want to know? He thinks Sam came back with part of Dean in him, which is what's making him more ruthless.

Natalie Damschroder said...


So when Dean made the bargain, his soul split like Voldemort's? And it got put in Sam? And so Sam can break the deal just by saying so? Or something like that?

It's very intriguing, but I'm not sure. Didn't she indicate she had a boss? I have to rewatch now, see exactly how she phrases it.

MaryF said...

I'm not sure, either, but Dean's been almost dead a couple of times.....

Natalie Damschroder said...

That's true!

And on the surface, I really like his theory. The intimacy of it, I think. :) Unfortunately, I always start digging into details. LOL