Thursday, January 17, 2008

All and Sundry

Not a very accurate subject line, as sundry is an indeterminate number, but I'm tired of calling it random thoughts. :)

I saw this yesterday. There are also articles here and here.

Now, I don't have anything to say about Indianapolis Colts fans in general. I'm not going to paint an entire group of people with the colors shown by the few classless members who booed a 14-year-old girl who didn't deserve it. Every team has jerky fans, as well as awesome fans. I think it's nice of Patriots owner Robert Kraft to honor her before the Patriots game this coming Sunday, though that's a bigger deal than the actual booing was.

Really, the only thing I have to say is that I admire Anna Grant for the aplomb she showed, both in her laughter at the time the booing occurred, and in her responses in the media afterward. She understands what being a true fan is all about. Good for her.


I can't say the Supernatural comic book series has been that great a success. The art didn't appeal to me, the story was weak (though, to be fair, I find that to be true with comics in general--there's just not enough space, I guess, to plumb any depths), and nothing that happened really sticks in my head except that Peter Johnson made a mistake with the Impala (which he is fixing, according to this article). I didn't even get the last issue of the run.

But look what's coming!

I looked at the inside sample pages, and it was lots of blood, not my favorite part of the show. But it's much more about Sam and Dean than the Origins comics were, and that I like. So I'm looking forward to checking it out.


The WGA strike is showing some signs of nearing an end. Not really close to an end, of course, but they are signing more and more individual deals, and the DGA is holding the same line with the AMPTP, who is facing losing TONS of money, so it can't last too much longer. It can't end soon enough for me (except, you know, if the writers don't get a fair deal, then it would be too soon), especially with only four Supernatural episodes left. I just rewatched the first 8, and I am seriously floundering without the show.

In the meantime, I do have some other shows I've been trying.

Private Practice
Yes, I know it started months ago. I've had 8 episodes sitting on my TiVo for...well, for months. I finally watched the first two episodes last week and enjoyed them. They both made me cry, which I don't want to keep doing, but I liked the dynamic among all the characters, the comfort level between actors, and the feel of the show. It has potential.

Kyle XY
Not a new show for me, of course, but just returned to the schedule. I liked the premiere, though it didn't wow me. Not only am I still not enthralled with the voiceover, it's spreading to other shows, making it seem even more annoying on this show, for some reason. One thing I didn't like was the feeling of finality. I watched the preview for upcoming episodes and they look good, I like the direction of the show, but the first episode really should make me eager to see more, not ready to turn off the TV and go to bed. I'd also like Matt Dallas to eliminate the gee-gosh crooked smile and sheepish look from his repertoire. Kyle has matured and grown a lot, and dealt with some pretty intense stuff, and that just doesn't fit anymore.

(In case my anonymous commenter returns to yell at me for not liking the show, I do like it! It's very good and I will continue to watch it.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Definitely my favorite new show. We watched the first two episodes last night. I got made fun of because at the end I commented on how well they fit the 1999 parts with the movies. The look was similar, grainy film, similar lighting, etc. But I also thought the casting was great. Lena Heady, despite the impossibility of the actress's age, is perfect. I love Thomas Dekker. He's got a lot more talent than was apparent in Heroes. And, of course, I love Summer Glau because of Firefly.

Now, this show made me want more immediately. I have a vague theory about Cameron (the Summer Glau character), and her relationship with the future John, and how she became a robot. I like the storyline, and all the little pieces (like the ex-fiancé and the problems generated by time travel). I'm sad that there are only going to be seven episodes more.

I do wonder, however...the show is kind of a lead-in to the upcoming film that's supposed to be after the apocalypse, with John Connor played by Christian Bale (not a bad choice, IMO). The movie's release date is listed as June 2009, which gives us two seasons of the show (strike notwithstanding). So does that mean it won't continue after that? Is it supposed to lead us right to the apocalypse (now that the time travel has negated the timeline of T3)? Perhaps that's best, as a dragged-out storyline is never good, and there isn't much elsewhere to go with it. But that's not how networks generally operate.

As for the rest of TV:

Chuck "comes back" for one night next week. Numb3rs ends tomorrow. I have no idea when Reaper and Samantha Who? will air their last two episodes, or when Scrubs does their last five. Supernatural and LOST come back on the 31st, for 4 and 8 weeks, respectively, and after that, I guess I'll be giving my Netflix subscription a good workout.

That's okay. I'm way behind on movies, anyway. And I can always use the time to write. :)


Vicky B said...

I absolutely love the Sarah Chronicles show. And I used to watch Kyle XY and enjoyed it, but it's on a cable station we no longer get. :( Right now, I'm waiting impatiently for the new Lost. But agree with you on all the others! Sounds like we have similar tastes in shows.


Natalie Damschroder said...

It doesn't completely surprise me that we have similar tastes.

But YOU loved the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I'd have thought it was too violent for you! I guess since you know what's coming, it's different than the spooky/scary stuff, huh?