Monday, January 21, 2008

Supernatural, TV Ears, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Tom Doyle (who?)

Supernatural has a new trailer! Check it out in my widget (in the sidebar). I know it doesn't display the whole widget in my too-narrow sidebar, but you can see the whole video screen. Or you can watch it bigger here. Dean!

I can't waaaaiiiitttt!


I was reading Parade magazine yesterday, and I found something I think I might need. I'm a few years from 40, but my hearing is already giving me problems. When I started exercising regularly last year, I started getting extremely frequent tinnitus. I assume it's because of the iPod usage. Chronic tinnitus is a type of hearing loss, so it's unlikely to be reversible. I'm not noticing any overall hearing difficulties, but I do find myself straining to hear the TV, especially at night when I watch shows with guns and soft-spoken gunmen. I have to keep the TV low so it doesn't keep my kids, one of whom is directly above the TV, awake.

But I dunno, investing in something like that feels like an admission I don't want to make.


Also in Parade was an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has a movie out soon. It was a weird article that seemed to care more about his relationship with Mary-Louise Parker than the movie, and it mentioned his two episodes on Weeds in 2005 but not his 11 episodes in Supernatural. I know that's because Weeds is where he met M-LP, but still. I was going to say it was more reminiscent of People than Parade, but People would have mentioned Supernatural. It also didn't mention The Watchmen, which he is filming right now. Next door to the Supernatural set.


You've got to watch both of these, even if you're not a Patriots fan. The song is hilarious, and it's slightly different in each one.

I assume it will be updated again.


Lots to do today, which is why I wrote this post last night. :) Let's see how well that "save as draft" stuff works...

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