Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Entertainment

I'm reading the Supernatural season one companion by Titan Books. They did a fabulous job with the Firefly books, I wish they'd done better with this one. It's got great content, but is in, like, eight-point type.

Remember the episode "Bloody Mary"? And how, at the end, Dean's eyes bled? I always questioned what his secret was, where someone died, and my friends always explain it away as having to do with Mary (his mom) or people he couldn't save in the course of his job, or something. But in this book, Eric Kripke says there's absolutely a reason behind it, he knows exactly what it is, and he'll reveal it someday. But he won't likely refer back to "Bloody Mary." He says he wants people to go back and watch old shows, after the series is over, and see pieces that relate to later things.

Well, I feel vindicated. :)

New episode this week! Wheeeee!


We saw Transformers this weekend. Good flick, but I get so irritated. The writing was pretty solid in the beginning, but it fell apart at the end. I mean, "let's hide the cube in a city populated by innocent civilians?" WTF? Where's the logic in that? And when I can visualize, 100%, the director saying, "now climb out on this ledge for no good reason, because it will look a lot cooler than you being in the middle of this nice flat roof," the moviemakers have failed. They were lucky they engaged me so perfectly with the Qatar scenes. I liked Shia, didn't care for the chick, though I liked her character a lot. There was just way too much body awareness, it distracted from her acting.

I also watched Idiocracy. I had fairly low expectations for that one, and boy, did it live up to them. Still, I laughed frequently and evenly enough to watch the whole thing. There were some nuggets in the story that were good, though the trappings failed miserably, IMO.


There's something that keeps happening, that every time, I think, "Man, I've got to remember to blog about that!" and then I get on here and, of course, fail to remember to blog about it.


Last week was a very sucky week for me and several of my close friends. There must have been some kind of universal convergence or something. Most of the stuff was, luckily, not catastrophic, though for some of it, that's little consolation. So here I am, putting out a public request for an un-convergence this week. Or, at the very least, a reverse convergence. You know, one filled with only good things.


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