Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Friday

I can't believe I've had nothing to post all week.

Which is more boring? Nothing new for five days, or a post like this one? (Feel free to comment anonymously *g*)


I recently did some research on dryers. A Consumer Reports article about efficient clothes drying mentioned that clothes should not be completely dry when removed, and should be removed promptly. Most care tags on the clothing itself also says remove promptly.

Why? It just gets stuffed into the laundry basket for a couple of days.

(I also don't like the idea of parts of the clothing being damp. I have mildew paranoia.)


Titan magazines has problems. A few years ago, I subscribed to the LOST official magazine. They had my money for, like, three months, and I didn't get the first issue. When I called, they said my subscription would start with the second issue. Annoyed, I canceled immediately.

So now they have a magazine for Supernatural. A friend got me a subscription, weeks and weeks before the first issue was released. But I didn't get it, and neither did she. She finally called, and they said the same thing. Second issue for me, third for her--they had no more first issues available. I ended up buying us both the first issue at the bookstore. They had a ton of copies.

I don't get why Titan is more concerned with their distributors than their subscribers. It's not a cheap subscription ($32.95 for six issues, which is $1.50 less per issue than the cover price of $6.99). And we're guaranteed buyers. Plus, if you make us happy, maybe we'll buy copies of other show-related magazines.


Anyway, I got issue one earlier this week, and issue two today. It's pretty good. Lots of interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. I don't know what the strike and halt to the show's production will do to the magazine. Hopefully it won't last much longer.

Two tidbits of info:

1. Eric Kripke would ideally like to end the show after five seasons.

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is (was?) shooting The Watchmen right next door to SPN.

And BTW, if you don't know yet, Supernatural returns to TV on January 31 and has four episodes to air before it gets removed from The CW's schedule as of February 28.

Yes, let's all sob in sorrow and also be delighted that we get more new shows than most anything else that started in the fall.


The Patriots play tomorrow night! Can't wait for Number Two to watch her first playoff game! I swear, she's a bigger football fan than her father and I put together. She's recording Super Bowl X (we're about to have XLII--that's 42). We had this exchange the other night:

Me: Whatcha doin', hon?

Her: Watching the Baltimore Ravens losing season. I want to see why they fired the coach, Brian Billick.

Me: You know, they wanted to interview Josh McDaniels for that job.

Her: The Patriots' offensive coordinator?

You don't need to know football, I don't think, to get the significance of that conversation. How many 8-year-olds know the names of assistant coaches? And 8-year-old girls, at that?


Looking for an exciting, adventurous sci-fi romance? Check out the latest Hunters for Hire book from Cerridwen Press: Danger on Xy-One by Vicky Burkholder.

I've read this book, and it combines heart-pounding adventure with unique secondary characters and the kind of romance that develops naturally, without contrived conflicts and irrelevant obstacles. The worldbuilding is especially solid, without being dry and dull, as can often happen in SF. Give it a read!


We got a new kitten yesterday. Her name is Baby Girl, and Number Two won't let us change it. I can't fight her--it's her cat. She won't let me call her BG, either. But I can't call her Baby Girl! It's so silly!

She has adjusted very well, though we're mostly keeping her in Number Two's room, since she was spayed on Wednesday and needs to be kept quiet. Also, because Frisbee is furious. You haven't heard such growling since the original Exorcist. She's furious with all of us and feeling very neglected. Poor demon cat.

Maya, aka Box Cat, and BG are getting along fine. Dolly, aka Dumb Dog, hasn't noticed her existence.

Yep, that's my friendly household!


MaryF said...

YAY! Kitty! Love kitties, even when they're bad.

Trish got me the subscription to Supernatural, and I haven't gotten an issue yet.

So....After Feb. 28....what? And why is Lost coming back on Thursday?

Natalie Damschroder said...

It depends on what way they are bad. LOL Frisbee is a demon cat but doesn't do anything too horrible. I'm not afraid to have her around, you know? Well, usually. LOL

After Feb. 28 they are putting Reaper in the Thurs/9:00 slot.

I don't know why Lost is coming back on Thursday--but I'm guessing it's because Grey's will be out of new shows and ABC wants to keep their ratings there. Thursdays are the most important TV nights for advertisers because supposedly we go out and spend all our money on the weekend. :)

MaryF said...

Ohhhh. As long as Grey's won't be replaced, just when it's gettin' good.

My kitties have started opening the bedroom door when they think we sleep too late, like past 5 AM.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I'm sure they'll make adjustments to the schedule once the strike is over and they have new shows of Grey's and Lost again. Lost only has 8 in the can.

Ooooh, that's too early! My old cat, Wiggins, couldn't open the door, but he put his paw under it and thudded it back and forth to wake us up.