Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comic Perfection

Comics are not my thing. I used to read some when I was a kid, but my taste ran more to Archie and Friends than any of the superheroes, generally speaking. I admire modern comics and graphic novels as artistic wonders, but I find it difficult to concentrate on both visual and story at the same time. So it takes a lot to make me read them.

A lot, like, maybe continuing one of my favorite TV shows?

I wasn't thrilled with the Supernatural: Origins series. The art isn't to my taste (not disparaging the skill, just saying it doesn't speak to me), and the story didn't fit with my interpretation of the mythology. Nor was John Winchester ever the big draw for me. Therefore, I only got about halfway through the series.

A new series, "Rising Son," starts soon, and that looks more to my liking, as the story focuses more on young Sam and Dean. I've subscribed to it at my local comic book store so I can easily get all the issues, so we'll see.

I liked the Serenity comics that came out before the Serenity movie. They filled in gaps between the show and movie. The art was okay, the covers excellent.

The new miniseries blows those away! Called "Better Days," this three-issue series is Spot. On. The art is so true to the actors, and the writing to the original tone of the show. And by writing I mean not just story and dialogue, but layout and reaction. I laughed at about half the panels, and the lovemaking panel...well. Very nice. I can't wait for the third issue, and I'll be very disappointed if they don't do more. I think I read that they are, and that the next set will focus on Book. I know I'm not the only person eager to get his story!

How about you? Anyone reading, say, Buffy Season 8?


MJFredrick said...

I read the Origins comments because John was a big draw for me, but it didnt really show me anything I didn't know. I stopped reading Buffyffjfqhe
(giant Dawn? Please.). But I will read Rising Son.

MJFredrick said...

whoa - somehow my word identification inserted into my comment. still getting used to the laptop....

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's funny about the word recognition thing. I wondered what that was! LOL

I'm trying not to say anything about Rising Son yet.