Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I really, really need to be in bed. But I knew if I went to bed, I'd forget about posting this stuff.

Yesterday (hey, it's after midnight! I can call this two days of posting in a row!) I did a bunch of linky shout-outs to people I know. Today it's people I don't know but crave to meet.

First, Jason Manns, my favorite singer, announced that Supernatural will be using his song "I Remember" on the May 1st episode. He says it's a short bit, but I still love the synergy of favorite singer/favorite show, and close friends sharing.

Second, not only is The Sarah Connor Chronicles coming back, Brian Austin Green has been promoted to series regular! Woo hoo! You can read an interview with the show creator here. Apparently, the renewal is no longer an unofficial certainty, but an official done deal.

Okay. Now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow (Thursday!) maybe I'll talk about comic books, since now I've hit TV, movies, books, and music. :)

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