Thursday, April 24, 2008

Laugh and Laugh and Then...Whoa

Overheard in a dining room last night:

Setup: Six people for dinner, with appetizers, drinks, and dessert = nearly $200

Me: Thank you [for box he gave Number One for her dessert leftovers]. And you can have that. And my firstborn, she's right there. *motions to Number One*

MIL: Don't worry, he'll wait for you!

#1: I may be studying the Middle Ages, but I don't want to live them!

Waiter: *Laughs and laughs*
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This followed a discussion with Sam, the very personable server at Red Lobster last evening, wherein I shared Number One and Number Two's debate over whether he looked more like Mario (R&B singer currently seen on Dancing with the Stars) or Tony from Dance Wars. Sam chose Mario, 'cause he figures he makes more. That was fine with me. If I'm going to pass off my firstborn, I want to make sure she's going to be taken care of.

Supernatural was awesome tonight. I'd complain there wasn't enough Sam and Dean, if Harry and Ed et al weren't so freakin' funny. I started snickering when he was running his finger over the totally silent "crystal" brandy snifter and pretty much didn't stop until Corbett died.

Poor Corbett.

But overall, what an excellent blend of...everything. Just enough mention of the Winchesters' reason for being there ("it's our Grand Canyon!") and Dean's reality (two months, whaaaaa!). Creepy, scary stuff (the dead people, the killer ghost, Corbett's murder, Sam disappearing, then being approached by the killer ghost). And OMG the humor. Sam with a party hat! The boys getting thrown against the wall AGAIN. Pretty much everything Ed and Harry said. The beautiful way Dean destroyed the evidence (they're getting more proficient with their rigged tech!). The acting was spot on. The show always has excellent guest stars, but this was more than excellent.

I think my favorite part, though, was Dean being able to say the F word because of the bleeping. They had to have a lot of fun making this episode.

Then I watched Lost.

I can't even wrap my mind around everything. Ben manipulating Sayid...Ben miscalculating with Alex...Ben and Widmore's past/present/future...I get it all, and can see, suddenly, this magnificent tapestry that goes back to Ben's gassing the Dharma people (Charles' people?) and ahead to Sayid turned assassin, and encompasses the Oceanic Six and even, hopefully, the far future, when those Six return to the island (maybehopefully). But I can't articulate much, not without writing three times as long as the show lasted.

How about Sawyer and Hurley heroics? Sawyer being so protective and fierce about Claire and Hurley, and Hurley willing to do anything just to keep them from turning on each other. And Hurley so comfortable with that baby. Ahhhh...Uncle Hurley.

I think the next four weeks (five, counting the gap week) will be one wild ride!


MJFredrick said...

I agree with everything you said, only I will complain there wasn't enough Sam and Dean ;) My son doesn't think SPN is as good as season one, but I think season 3 has been awesome! Only one misstep, IMO, the witch episode. Even that might just be because I would have done it differently.

And Lost - just wow. Puzzle pieces coming together.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I can't say there've been any missteps this season, but there also haven't been many episodes I've been dying to watch again and again (though that may be more me than the show, I'm not sure). Maybe season 2 was a little more compelling because there was more ongoing mystery causing the torment, while the Dean storyline this time is more static. Of course, the strike didn't help.

I was going to use a puzzle analogy about Lost, but I did that about something else and thought I'd better be more creative. LOL

MJFredrick said...

I like your tapestry analogy better anyway ;)

After watching the DVDs again, there are a number in Season 2 I won't watch anymore. In Season 1, just Bugs, but in Season 2, The Usual Suspects, Everybody Loves a Clown, No Exit (again, that one should have been SO GOOD - they could have been searching in a murder house...), Playthings, Houses of the Holy and Roadkill. So far in Season 3, only the witch one and Magnificent 7. I'll give Red Sky one more watch.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Wow. You just named all my favorites, practically!

Bugs is my least favorite from season one, and No Exit is near the bottom of my list, but all the others are awesome! The brotherly interactions in The Usual Suspects, even when they were apart...and my all-time favorite scene is in Playthings (yeah, so? Stupid)...Everybody Loves a Clown had so much humor...Houses of the Holy was thought-provoking (not my favorite plotwise, but some great revelations between the brothers)...and Roadkill had my favorite guest star and totally surprised me, even though it shouldn't have.

I can't say there are actually any episodes I WON'T watch, but it surprises me a little that we're so opposite here. :)

My favorites in season 3 so far, I think, are Mystery Spot, Ghostfacers, and Jus in Bello.

MJFredrick said...

Oops! I just thought Linda Blair was awful in The Usual Suspects, Roadkill I think I didn't like because it was mostly from the guest star's POV (though I love the scene when they break into the room and Dean says, "It smells like old lady." Then, "That would be why.") Everybody Loves a Clown was so awkward with introducing the Roadhouse crew. ("Hey, Ellen, what's that?") And Houses of the Holy was really gloomy, and that's saying a lot for this show.

But I'm with you on the favorites for this season!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I can't say I think you're wrong on those points. They just didn't bother me. :)