Friday, April 04, 2008

The Second Tale of the Brotherhood

After a long, busy day complicated by a sleepless night and a sick kid, I'm late posting this. So you can find the original Brotherhood of the Tearaway Pants post here and Part Three here, and my Second Tale is coming after Part 3. The final tale isn't up yet, though, so I'm not a total loser! LOL

I won't repeat what they said there. That would be boring.

But I will rant a little:

1. A bar with nowhere to sit is a horrible venue for a show where hot muscled guys writhe on the floor. I'm just sayin'. It's also a horrible place to stand in hard shoes with a bum knee for three and a half hours.

2. If you're a six-foot tall woman and can see the frickin' stage from the back of the crowd, then go there. It's totally rude of you to stand up front. And you can't touch them, anyway, so THERE.

3. If Devin Michaels said "ladies" once in the first 30 seconds, he said it a thousand times. Oh, wait, he DID say it a thousand times! The only saving grace was that the microphone kept cutting out, so we didn't have to hear a few of them.

4. Apparently, being in business for 30 years makes you greedy, avaricious, and blatant about it.

5. I got more boob in two hours than most guys get in a lifetime. On the other hand, that waiter that looked like Jake Gyllenhall probably didn't need the tip I gave him (without buying anything) just 'cause he's so cute. I'm sure he was happy enough sliding back and forth through the crowd with his tubie things. But I liked the kiss on the cheek I got in response. :)

Okay, I guess I the ranting didn't last too long. On to the pictures!!!!!

First, I made an LOLstripper!

Megan's actually the one who said he was squishy. I didn't notice, really. I was too busy thinking about arms around waists and smelly oil (I love the smelly oil!).

Half-naked men are more fun in a group.

What? Half-naked guys? Oh, sorry...

Oooh, watch the fingers there, Stevie-boy!

We talked to Bobby K briefly. Had to corner him to get his signature, and got to ask about whether or not he cover models, which, if you read the first Tale, you know he does, he's an Ellora's Cave model. I could have sworn he did Kensington, too--I can totally picture him on a specific book, but can't remember it, and he didn't say he did. He blew us off pretty quickly, too.

But other guys didn't. Mr. Squishy seemed content to take multiple photos with us, as did the so-called youngest Chippendale dancer. We felt kind of bad for the one we dubbed "Crew Guy." He had to go back and forth through the crowd, dressed like the other guys (cowboy, firefighter, naked torso) but only moved chairs and gathered discarded clothes. At the end, while the dancers were mingling, he was hustling to get the van loaded. So we tried to give him a little sugar:

We thought we were being nice (and hey, he was cute! And very tall!), but I think he was all, "Shee-it, man, they're gonna bust my ass if I don't get stuff loaded!"

Lots of hugs, several cheek, kisses, and...oh! The topper! Misty gets credit for thinking of this, but I joined in heartily:

I've never been signed before.

So, that was our night. A complete blend of the boring and annoying with the gleeful and the delightful. The best part was certainly the women I was with, far more than any beefcake...though that was okay, too. :)


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What a blast!
SQUISHY!!!! :)

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