Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Entertainment Thoughts

On the end of the season...

The only show left that I watch that hasn't finaled is Lost. I probably have unreasonably high expectations because so many professional TV watchers are building it up. I'm dismayed by the spoilers I've let leak through, but they already killed my beloved Charlie. Since then, I've just been along for the ride, which means it's pure fun with no emotional investment.

It's really funny. I used to watch so little TV, finale week meant nothing to me. Summer drought wasn't a problem. Now, I've got my scheduled worked so that not only am I able to spend the time on TV in the evening, I don't have energy for anything else. Which means...summer drought is depressing. I've increased my Netflix by one disk as a result. I know. It's very sad.

Speaking of disks...

I've gone through a bunch of movies on DVD lately.

We Are Marshall was good. I was a little distracted by McConaughey's obviously put-on mannerisms to make him like the coach he portrayed, which doesn't mean they weren't well integrated. I used to wonder why it took them so long to make this movie, but the ending explained it. It wasn't the typical success story. In fact, it was kind of sad. But they still managed to make the final game intense.

For Your Consideration was weird. It was all one note, beginning to end. No real turning points, no black moment, climax, or denoument. Well acted, I suppose, but kind of boring.

The Departed was intense. And surprising. The elevator scene had be gasping and gaping at the screen for a whole minute, then being pissed, and then cheering at the end, but in a kind of nasty way. A friend from Massachusetts had mentioned to me the Boston accents, and it was fun watching them get dropped all over the place, especially from the one guy who's a native Bostonian.

Next up: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Babel, and August Rush.

I also saw...

Indiana Jones last weekend, with Number One. It was fun. Shaia LeBeouf was better than I expected, and I already expected him to be good. Cate Blanchett was classic villainess. Harrison Ford was his excellent self. But the story could have been better, with a lot less borrowing from the Mummy franchise at the end. It was worth the price of the ticket, but I didn't leave the theater feeling exhilarated, as I should have.

Oh, but one cool thing about of the trailers was an extended one for Hancock, and it looks AWESOME. Jason Bateman is in it! I can't wait! (And when is that guy gonna do a romantic something? [Not in the near future, apparently, but at least he's busy!])

And finally, about the show that never leaves my mind...

I have pretty solid confidence that Kripke and company are not going to ruin my show. Granted, season 3 didn't engage me as completely as season 2 did, but that wasn't entirely their fault. There have been no real missteps with the brothers' relationship. The FBI thread could have been tedious and get in the way; instead, it got more awesome every time Henricksen showed up (RIP). Ruby was a very rare case of a performance that didn't live up to the caliber of nearly every other guest or recurring actor on the show, but I liked her, and I'm still intrigued by the questions she has brought up. I would have preferred Dean and Bela's relationship to be more "Bad Day at Black Rock" and less "Red Sky at Morning," but the way her part ended was excellent. And overall, the "war" that the network insisted on, plus the strike, meant less of a variety of storylines, but we got to focus on the main, most important one. And we got tons of humor, which I loved, and returning guest stars, which I loved even more.

The problem is, Kripke is taking evil delight in playing with us, I know it. There was a Mitovich Minute at TV Guide where he said Dean will be "cooling his heels" in hell for a while, and his bond with Sam will be forever changed. And now there's this:

Question: Thank you so much for the reassuring scoop about Jensen Ackles' return to Supernatural (as if any of us ever doubted it, come on!). But what I'm worried about is how much Dean is going to change. — Meredith

Ausiello: Yeah, well, can't help you there. Dean is going to change. Big time.

So here are some speculations on my part. They aren't spoilers, because they're all in my head. :)

1. "A While" can't really be very long, because they know how the fans reacted when the guys were separated in "No Exit." Granted, we complain less when the writing is better, and when the emotion is high, like in "The Usual Suspects" or "Mystery Spot." But we won't tolerate a separation of more than an episode or two. So it might be more of a referential thing, like we jump ahead in time a little when the season starts.

2. He said the bond is affected, and that Dean changes, but he doesn't say it's a BAD thing. Some possibilities: Dean gains some powers and that puts him on more equal footing with Sam; Sam rescues him from hell and ends his torment, removing much of the "I'm the big brother" perspective and putting them on more equal footing; Sam being away from Dean for a while gives him room to assert himself (did you notice, even when he tried to argue, and went around Dean, he still didn't actually override him to his face?), which puts them on more equal footing...well, I guess there's an obvious theme in my speculations. But doesn't that make sense? :)

3. I would like Bobby and Ellen to open the Devil's Gate for me and Sam when we he climbs out of hell after rescuing Dean. I also imagine one of those weedkiller chemical packs, you know, with the hose and sprayer? Sam will need one full of holy water when he goes into hell.

4. Bobby will need to keep Dean's body on ice while Sam saves him. Or maybe he should embalm it.

It's going to be very hard for me to get through the next wayyyyy too many weeks. It would be very nice of the CW to premiere this show in early September instead of early October, but they're too sadistic for that.

Oh, and one more thing. Not to end on a downer note or anything, but the rumor is that the CW may close next year. That would kind of kill a season 5, I expect. :(


Cindy Procter-King said...

You'll love August Rush. At least I did. :) Babel was good. If you haven't seen Miss Potter yet, with Renee Zellwegger, rent it. It's a fantastic "writer's movie."

Natalie Damschroder said...

AR is probably the one I'll watch first. I need a Jonathan Rhys-Myers fix. :) Babel is one of those I think I SHOULD watch and probably won't care for.

I'm not sure I can do Miss Potter. RZ really bugs me, and unless the story is one I really, really will get into (Down With Love) or the other actors are favorites (Down With Love LOL), I avoid her. But I'll consider it. :) Thanks!

MaryF said...

I want to know about Recognizing Your Saints, since I'm on an RDJ kick. I didn't like Miss Potter - a bit boring.

As for SPN - what ARE they going to do with Dean's body?

Natalie Damschroder said...

I watched about half an hour of Recognizing your Saints (on my list for the same reason you wanted to know about it! LOL) and turned it off. It was going nowhere, with about 15 cumulative seconds of RJD, and a bunch of unlikeable people otherwise.

August Rush was really good. Slow, but not overwhelmingly so. Gawd, I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And he SINGS. I just bought his songs from the soundtrack, too. I could listen to his voice all day. *sigh*

I imagine Bobby keeping Dean's body on ice while Sam goes into hell to drag him out. :)