Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Friday

I haven't had a random Friday in a while. Good thing I remember all the things I wanted to say!

Speaking of "I Remember," did anyone catch the Jason Manns song of that title in last night's episode of Supernatural? I totally forgot to listen for it!

Supernatural was fine. I was a little *gasp* disappointed, and I'm thinking that's because the biggest emotional impacts were in the preview and the clip that was circulating around. "And me." "That's all you've got?"--Lame writing, or does Sammy have something up his sleeve? Not a last-minute save, but doing something to try to break the deal so he dies and Dean doesn't go to Hell.

I'm a little confused about next week. It looks horrific and like it doesn't address Dean at all. I'd kinda hoped all these last episodes would be about his deal. Spoilers around the 'Net have indicated that the deadlines arrives in the season finale, even though Kripke had said he needed the full 10 episodes to resolve Dean's situation. But no doubt the season will end on a cliffhanger, now that they have a guaranteed pickup, so maybe the "resolution" won't come until 5 episodes into the fall.

Anyway...on to more important things.

"Jaynestown" from Firefly has been LOL'd in full. What? Funny is important!

Marley Gibson has a new series of books that launched yesterday, Sorority 101. Today, she's doing a Blog Talk Radio interview. Check her out!

But the most important thing I have to say today is that the Brenda Novak Fourth Annual Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research is now in progress!

There is something for everyone in this thing. Jewelry, books, gift baskets, and sports items, collectibles and designer purses. Writers can find 159 editor and agent evaluations, many with AMAZING guaranteed timeframes, and author critiques, as well as over 100 other items including mentorships, meetings, and more. The person who places the most bids, even if you don't win anything, will receive a huge prize package that includes a $1,000 camcorder! You definitely want to check this out, but make sure you have a little (or a lot!) of time to explore.

This year, I'm going for the big prize!


MaryF said...

I thought the line after Dean said, "That's all you got?" was GREAT - "You want a poem?" But I would have liked to see more angst on the phone calls. And of course more JDM.

Natalie Damschroder said...

No, you're right, that line was great. I don't know...I guess it felt like there should be more, or it wasn't satisfying--it arced up and fell flat, instead of swooping to climax...I'm not explaining well.

Of course, definitely more JDM. :)

MaryF said...

I must watch it again. I've read a few rave reviews of the episode, well thought out, so I definitely need to see it again.