Thursday, May 15, 2008

Supernatural Denial

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Oh hai.

I'm on retreat. Doing great, thanks. Almost at 4,000 words for the day. But I'm having a little trouble at the moment...

See, it's Thursday night. Supernatural night. Supernatural SEASON FINALE night. And I'm on retreat. With no TVs.

There are four mega-fans on site right now. One who may be an even bigger fan than the rest of us! She keeps talking about the show, and hunting down a television tonight, or somehow downloading the show. The rest of us are a little more sanguine, because the plan is to follow last year's activities. Megan isn't coming until tomorrow. She's going to try to record the show so we can watch it on a laptop. If she can't, we should be able to get it from iTunes, but last week it wasn't up even late on Friday, so we might have a long delay. Worst case scenario, we have to wait until we get home on Sunday night. Not unacceptable, but certainly not the ideal.

And I took a nap this afternoon, and dreamed about Sam and Dean, so now that's all I can think of.

I don't think I ever posted my thoughts about last week's show. I loved it, of course. I knew nothing about what was going to happen, so it all rolled out perfectly.

I loved Bela's scenes, and her final moments, on the phone and facing the hellhounds, were incredibly poignant. I hoped she'd be part of getting out of Hell with Dean next season, but Kripke confirmed she's not coming back, so that's a bummer. Of the two, I'd so much rather have her than Ruby. Lauren Cohen is a better actress, she interacts more realistically with the boys, and it would be fun to see them teaming up again, still antagonistic toward each other but with the same goal, rather than opposing ones.

I also loved the brotherly tension. Sam's desperation and subsequent willingness to do anything. His tenderness with the girl, which showed that he's still the same Sam, no matter what, and his awareness of Dean's fear. And then Dean's fear, a mishmash of terror of what's ahead, and knowing he can only do one thing to avoid it without risking Sam's re-death.

I'm so afraid for tonight's episode.

I mean, of course Dean can't die for realz, and Kripke's comments of the direction of the story next season make me very, very happy, but someone said she's afraid the promo showed the last moments of the ep the same way they did last year (in the first half), and that will really piss me off/bum me out if that's the case. Cliffhangers a la season 1 are cool and all, but I prefer the way they ended season 2. Much more satisfying. And come on, the audience they currently have is going to come back. I want something much more surprising than that as the final shot.

But GAAAHHHHHH, I have to wait until whoknowswhenit'stoolatenomatterwhat.

I think I'll download last week's ep from iTunes, even though my laptop probably won't play it well.

Okay, enough angsting. Back to work I go! Aiming for 5k tonight...

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