Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reality Week, or Someone Stole My Brain

I don't watch reality TV.

Okay, there have been some minor exceptions. One of the HGTV fix-it shows, with a funny host, for a season because it was educational and funny and something I could watch with my kids without my brain leaking out my ears. And Dirty Jobs is pretty interesting sometimes. And I loved the first season of Queer Eye.

But all forays into reality TV were short-lived, and it's been a really long time. Four or five years. And I have never, ever watched American Idol.

But let me back up a little. A few years ago, when we got TiVo, my kids got into Dancing with the Stars. I thought it was good for them. Something really out of the realm of their experience. And it showed people working hard at something they might not be good at, and friendly competition, with a lot of respect and admiration for each other. When Drew Lachey did his freestyle, that was the first time I ever watched it. I've caught a minute here and there, but that's all.

Then Tuesday, Number Two read something in her book about 9/11 and asked about it, and she got sad and upset about all the death and loss, and wanted me near her. She also needed something to distract her, so she wanted to watch Monday's final dances. I had something to read while she watched, but...well...

Oh, come on! Jason Taylor is THE hottest man in the NFL! Look!

I couldn't NOT watch!

And then there's this:

Not only is he also very hot, he did serious damage to his elbow several weeks ago, so he's playing handicapped and in pain, and being a truly good sport about it all.

To top it off, it was pretty clear a woman was finally going to win. And she did!

None of that is really embarrassing. Here's the embarrassing part:

Wednesday morning. I'm at the health club, storming along on the treadmill, listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for, like, the eightieth time, and I glance up to see the three finalists on Good Morning America. I plugged in to listen. And...oh, the shame!...when I got home, I turned it on in the bedroom so I could see them dance a little on GMA.

*hides head*

That leads me to American Idol.

I have enough friends who watch the show, and I read enough People and Entertainment Weekly and blogs that I always know what's going on. I knew about the David vs. David showdown, and I didn't care. I mean, yeah, I like some of Kelly Clarkson's stuff, and I love Daughtry, but I've just never been interested in seeing them get to that point.

But this evening I was reading blogs, and saw this one and this one.

The latter actually had video embedded, but it was the description in the former that made me want to see a clip. As Cindy and Shannon are very different people, the clip on Cindy's blog was not the one that gave Shannon such...ahem...pleasure. So I had to find it. Which led to me watching not just 4 minutes, 11 seconds of American Idol but well over 10 minutes.

But I have to pretty much agree with Shannon. :)

So yeah, tomorrow I'll probably spend too much of my writing time downloading *gasp* AI tracks from iTunes. Maybe not even just songs. Maybe--oh, the horror!--video!

Geez, what's next? The Bachelorette?

Ack! Somebody please help me retrieve my brain!

But watch this first:


Cindy Procter-King said...

My God, you DO blog everywhere!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Heh! Is that a compliment or an indictment? I can't tell!

And dammit, I spelled your name wrong.

Tracy said...

As someone who is a confirmed American Idol addict (oh heck, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette too), I'm giggling right now. You've dragged me into not one -- but two -- shows over the last year. TWO!!! BTW, the video of David C and ZZ Top was my favorite moment of the AI finale. Except, of course, learning David Cook won.

Welcome to the darkside :)

Natalie Damschroder said...

1. You got me to watch Private Practice, so the imbalance is smaller than you thought. :)

2. Don't start thinking I'll start watching those stupid bachelor shows!

3. I have not come over to the dark side, thank you, I've just observed it a little, from way over here in the light. :) You know, like a scientist. LOL

Anonymous said...


I'm like you, I've never ever watched a whole episode of either American Idol, Survivor or Dancing with the Stars. But I feel as if I do,our local morning show here is L.A does recaps of Idol and DWTS and so I know who is in who is out and who is awful also what happens on Idol. The only "reality" show that I watch from beginning to end is "The Amazing Race" I like this one because no one is voted of and its not a popularity contest. They get voted off when they themselves do something stupid or don't follow the clues correctly and are the last to arrive to a certain pit stop and I get to visit places I know I would never get to see thru them.


Natalie Damschroder said...

I can see the appeal in that show, too, Rose.