Thursday, April 26, 2012

Literal Addiction and This is Entangled: The Gag Reel

Tomorrow (Friday, April 27), I'm going to be featured at Literal Addiction and Book Monster Reviews. These ladies are AWESOME. They really do their homework and ask fantabulous questions. You get TWO chances to win (comment at each site) and can also ask me whatever you want. :)

I'll be checking in very early, then mid-afternoon, then sometime over the weekend, because we have to go to Ithaca for an open house for Number One. I'll try to check in via my iPod if I can get a signal, but I can't do that while we're on the road. So please don't feel neglected if I'm slow to respond!

Also, please check out this very funny gag reel as a teaser to author interviews Entangled will be posting. You can also subscribe to the Entangled YouTube Channel here!

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