Friday, October 03, 2008

Holy You-Know-What, Fans...and Yeah, It IS Spam, You Idiots

I'm not going to say much about Supernatural yet, since I want to watch it again and make comments as I go. There's so much. Mary was a hunter, OMG! Yellow Eyes was in Grandpa, OMG! They surprised me both times. The writing was so good, tying so much up so nicely. I have to admit, they're going places I really, really don't want them going, but I can't complain, because they are doing it with such amazing skill.

So I get this e-mail today from Superior Responder something-or-other. It says it's not spam, because it came from Superior Responder something-or-other. It goes on to thank me for requesting information and gives me a link. They don't say what information I requested. They have absolutely no product info or any hint of what company they are autoresponding for. And they supply two links that are full of junk--again, no hint. AND they send the e-mail to an e-mail address that's active and forwards to my real e-mail address, but which I never ever use and haven't for about 5 years. So HELLO! Unwanted, unsolicited, vague mail with suspicious links = SPAM.



MaryF said...

GAH! Read your blog on accident before I saw it (watched the debate and Tivoed SPN.)

Awesomeness, though I'm with you, not liking where they are going - brother v. brother. And I missed Sam. John was a bit of a wimp, I thought.

MaryF said...

You would know - were the grandparents EVER mentioned?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Mary, I'm so sorry I spoiled you! :(

Hmm. I guess you could consider John a bit of a wimp, though we didn't really see him truly tested. If YED had been in a stranger and treated Mary that way, would he have been as deferential as he was when he thought it was her father?

And no, I don't remember the grandparents ever being mentioned before. I wouldn't expect them to be, though, since they died before the kids were born and they were so young when their mother died, so their father, who hardly knew them, wouldn't talk about them much as they grew up.

MaryF said...

No worries, Natalie. I had to watch the debate, so was happy to Tivo SPN for the first time this season ;)

Good point about John not knowing much about the grandparents, and about him being deferential to Mary's dad.

So this had to all happen in Dean's head, right, or else John would remember Dean, wouldn't he?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yeah, that's my take, that it all happened in Dean's head. Because even though the outcome couldn't be changed, other things would have. Like, yes, John would have remembered Dean. He would have been suspicious of Mary wanting to name his oldest son after a strange guy they met once, who, as far as John knew, had nothing to do with anything. I'm sure Mary told him a lie about why her parents were dead. And I think Mary would have remembered SOMETHING about Dean's warning. A friend of mine watched the pilot again after this episode and she didn't like that Mary didn't clue in with the flickering lights. I think if she remembered Dean's role in the events of her parents' deaths, she would have clued in.

MaryF said...

Huh - I'm watching it AGAIN, and I wonder if Dean might see that he COULD have a family in his line of work. Yes, it will put the family in danger but he doesn't have to be alone.

I watched the pilot this weekend too and thought the same thing about Mary not knowing about why the lights were flickering.

Dean was named after his grandmother, I thought.

LOL on how Mitch Pileggi as Samuel really took over Sam's roles, even the same expressions!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

About the name:

Yes, when Dean meets his grandparents, the implication is that he and Sam are named after them. But Deanna=Dean is a slightly longer leap than Dean=Dean, so if Dean's involvement in those events had been real, Mary wanting to name her son Dean would have been kind of weird, even with the connection to Deanna. You know what I mean?

LOL about Mitch! You're right!

MaryF said...

Good point about the name.

I'm so sad Mitch Pileggi won't be in more episodes. I have always loved him.

Blast, the boy is done with SPN and reay to watch the debate.