Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SPN Tidbit, Kinda Spoilery

A lot of the discussions I've been in have talked about how Ruby's so different, even in a different body she'd act the same. I said Lillith sent her far away, I imagine whatever happened to her would subdue her somewhat.


I heard that there is a reason why, in the Supernatural premiere, Ruby seemed to have changed into a nicer demon. Do you know what it is? — Laura
Matt: I chalked it up to the fact that Ruby now inhabits Genevieve Cortese's body, but there's more to it than that. As series creator Eric Kripke tells the Buzz, "One reason she's nicer is because she spent a few weeks in a particularly nasty corner of Hell, being punished by Lilith's minions. That would humble just about anyone. As to whether Ruby is hiding some ulterior motive....tune in to find out." By the way, this week's "origins" episode? Not. To be. Missed. (On a related note, check out my Q&A with X-cellent guest-star Mitch Pileggi.)

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