Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a Few Things I Love

1. Reading about myself on other people's blogs, especially when they don't use names, and, of course, when it's good stuff they're saying.

2. LOLcats. No matter what kind of day I've had, they make me laugh and laugh.

3. LOLdogs. Not yet achieving the consistent brilliance of the cats, but what can you do? They're dogs, after all.

4. Matt Cassel. Backup quarterbacks are always scrutinized, but when you haven't started a game since high school and you're following quite possibly the best player in the position ever, you're facing a whole new level of difficulty. Cassel has poise, class, and gorgeous eyes. And he's doing his job right. Gotta love him.

5. Saturday, we went shopping for Halloween costumes. Got a tan trench coat at Goodwill for $15 (excellent!) and black wings at Party City for $25 (eek!) plus some black and glitter hair spray. Add a button-down shirt and an askew tie, and you've got a warrior from God. Yep, Number One is going trick-or-treating as an angel from Supernatural. Not Castiel, because she wants to stay female, but modeled on him. It bothers her not a whit that no one will know what the hell she is. She dealt with the same thing last year when she was Tonks. The point is pleasing herself, not getting attention.

6. Kids who are secure enough to please themselves, not the world around them.


MaryF said...

How awesomely cool!!! Go, Number One! I wanted to get the black contacts at WalMart so I could be possessed, but the dh said I'd have to explain too much. Why don't more people watch SPN?????

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oohh, that would be REALLY awesome! If I didn't already wear contacts, I'd do it.

And so what if you have to explain? Every person you tell about it is a potential convert! LOL

MaryF said...

True-I could have made converts ;) But getting the contacts involved preplanning, which I'm not so good at!