Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, Yeah, And...

...Putting the reunion scene (season premiere) in a new light, I still think Ruby/Kristy was too good in her lack of surprise at seeing Dean, but otherwise I think that all plays fine. She didn't know if that was definitely Dean and wouldn't want him or anyone else to know, necessarily, that she was Ruby. And she kind of stood back and let Sam take the lead on how to handle it, and of COURSE the first thing he's going to do is hide her presence from his brother. So I think I'm okay with how it went down, and Sam's subduedness fits the circumstances.

...How is Anna able to see demons in people, and move giant pieces of furniture with her brain, without much effort? Is she one of Azazel's kids? That seems likely to me.

...Why does her ability to see the demon in Ruby not faze the brothers for even half a second? Why don't they ask her how she escaped? I know they don't have much time for the latter after they meet up with her, but it doesn't even occur to Sam that she might be YED's. And I'd expect a double-take from Dean when she spots Ruby.

...It's not all up to them. One of my friends has commented on how averting the apocalypse is all on their shoulders and it's too much for two people. I need to point out that there are angels all over the world trying to stop the seals from being broken. Six of them died during the rising of the witnesses. I don't think it's ALL up to Sam and Dean, I think they're a weapon. A weapon that has resources (Bobby) and courage and knowledge (Azazel's past) and connections that no other humans have. They're being used by God and the angels, not having the entire shebang placed on their shoulders as G and the A's back off and say, "Have at it!" So while I don't fully disagree that it's a lot of pressure and crushing responsibility, I don't see it as any bigger than in any other show or movie that has end-of-the-world stakes.

I think that's all. For now, anyway. :)

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